Sappho Books, Cafe, and Bar

What is it?

Sappho Books, Cafe, and Bar is one of Sydney’s most beloved second-hand bookstores, offering over 30,000 titles, good coffee, good music, and even better food. This venue is embellished with brick and graffiti and is home for many regulars who enjoy spending their time relaxing and reading. Their large selection of books is well categorized, making it seemingly effortless to find the title you are after. The staff also culls through their large stock on a regular basis to ensure there is always quality on their shelves.

The cafe menu is also carefully considered with the best ingredients and produce in mind. In conversation with owner Meredith Baillie, she said they taste tested over ten different falafels before choosing the most authentic and simple recipe made by a local Lebanese family. It is this kind of detail and consideration that weaves throughout the entire venue.


What makes it unique?

Da Capo Music, located on the top floor, is the only dedicated second-hand sheet music shop in Australia. There are a handful of antiquarian music dealers around, but De Capo’s sheet music is readable and ready to play for the musician wanting to expand their repertoire without spending full price.


How do I get it in my life?

Sappho Books, Cafe, and Music is located at 51 Glebe Point Road across the street from the Glebe markets. The bookstore and cafe are open from 8:30 to 6:30 Mondays through Sundays, yet Wednesdays through Saturdays, the cafe becomes a wine and tapas bar. On these days, you can stay late and enjoy a few drinks with your friends, live music, and poetry!


What’s the #insidertip?

Veganism isn’t easy, especially when eating out. Sappho tries to make it easier and offers one of the top-rated fully vegan menus in Sydney. If you are looking for some vegan eats, I would suggest the spicy baked beans or Sappho’s falafel wrap!


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