Wild Horse | a local, sustainable label

Can we cue “Wild Horses” by the Rolling Stones? This couldn’t get any lamer on my part, but I couldn’t help myself! 😅


What is it?

Wild Horse is a local, sustainable clothing line for women out of Perth, operated by a team of inspiring, accomplished, strong women with Natalie Donovan at the steering wheel. And I have got an exclusive for you! In conversation with Natalie, the creator behind this fashion label, she tells us that Wild Horses is getting a facelift!

“Previously having our own boutique in Cottesloe WA for the last two years, we felt our brand became slightly wishy-washy,” says Natalie, but now they are reverting to their original state which is what she describes as minimalism/edgy/simplistic /versatile/clean/natural fibers. All my fellow fashionistas need to keep their eyes peeled on this label!


What makes it unique?

Natalie Donovan, the creator behind this fashion label, prioritises quality over quantity. This priority supports her initiative to reduce waste. All designs are made in small quantities to ensure exclusivity rather than mass production of next week’s trend.

Wild Horse’s pieces are manufactured in Western Australia who also collaborates with a small group out of Indonesia. This allows Natalie and her team to keep things local and easily controllable.


How do I get it in my life?

You should head over to their site to shop their current designs and preorder upcoming pieces. If you need a bit of a teaser, check out the following photos of Wild Horses’ relaunch designs. I think I am going to go broke this weekend! ( i have uploaded images to asana)


What’s the #insidertip?

Natalie says they are now taking customs orders for weddings and balls! You can now walk down the aisle in a one of a kind Wild Horse piece. If this will make your dream wedding complete, you can contact Natalie here.

Coming soon: Wild Horse is going to start recycling their leftover materials and using it to make clothes for “Lil Wild Horse.” Yes, I am talking kid clothes. I don’t think it can get any more adorable.

Supporting local is the way to go, and Wild Horse is killing it! If you don’t believe me, check out their Instagram and show them some love!


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