Whiskey galore at Varnish on King

Mark Twain famously said, “too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” And I can’t help but agree! Whiskey is my choice beverage, and Varnish on King is the greatest underground whiskey bar to satisfy my whiskey love.


What is it?

Varnish on King is a bar that specialises in American whiskey and creative, shareable foods. Their whiskey and beer menu is massive, and when I am talking massive, I mean ten pages long! But what is even crazier is their food menu where you can find dishes like Wagyu fat washed potatoes and Pork knuckle with burnt pineapple, basil oil & finger limes. Whiskey and pork knuckles sound like a good night, but if you and your friends are having issues deciding what to order, you can personally ask the check to “hook you up a minimum of 5 dishes from the menu including dessert.” #hipsterdelicious


What makes it so unique?

The bartenders at Varnish on King are whiskey fiends. If you ask the questions, be prepared for an epic whiskey sermon. With an abundance of knowledge, these guys are true thought leaders in their industry. And if you are looking for extensive knowledge, they hold a guided whiskey 101 masterclass the first Monday of every month where their bar manager personally educates you on four different styles of American whiskey, production methods, and whiskey’s rich history. Oh, and of course this masterclass involves tasting. Too bad I couldn’t take this class in University!

How do I get it in my life?

Five minutes of Elizabeth Quay and five minutes from the Perth Arena, Varnish on King is nestled in Perth’s CBD on King Street. But this place isn’t the easiest to find! According to the bar manager, Jamie Passmore, you need to keep your eyes out for a plaque on the wall and two large wooden doors to find this underground spot.


What’s the #insidertip?

I hit up David Gardiner for some advice on visiting Varnish on King, and he said without a doubt you must try the whiskey bacon flight. I thought what the heck is whiskey bacon flight? Then I was sent this image.

Yeah, that is right; four styles of pork accompanied accordingly to four American whiskeys. This is a vacation in my mouth. Who says you need to leave Australia to know what’s good.

If you and your friends are looking for a good time and quality whiskey, Varnish on King is the place for you. Be sure to show them some love on their Instagram, and if you visit Varnish on King tag us in your photos, so we can share your memories!  


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*images via Varnish on King.

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