Meat candy | Candy store for the savoury people

Growing up in the South the majority of my life, I am a bit picky about southern food, especially fried chicken. But, Meat Candy’s fried chicken looks like it could give my grandmother’s a run for her money (sorry Nonnie 😭).


What is it?

Meat Candy is a candy shop for the savory people. Nashville-Southern fried chicken, American burgers, Australian beer, and boozy milkshakes are what this soulful, 70s inspired is restaurant all about. Mirroring that of an old-school chicken shop, Meat candy is a corner store, serving up 24-hour marinated buttermilk chicken (the same way I was taught) accompanied by housemade white bread and pickles–keeping with the Nashville tradition. If you aren’t in the mood for finger-lickin’ fried chicken, then you can also dig into a double trouble cheeseburger or a Candy’s pull pork sandwich. Check out their full menu here.


What makes it unique?

The fried chicken is bangin’, but we can’t forget about the bar. Alongside the Australian beer, Meat Candy is keeping with the Southern tradition, bringing us cocktails like “Sweet Peach Tea,” bourbon, housemade sweet tea, and mint, and “Scofflaw,” rye whiskey, vermouth, and pomegranate. They also have a selection of sweet, boozy milkshakes like “Milk n Cookies” and “Strawberry Shortbread,” the perfect thing to wash down your meal!


How do I get it in my life?

If you are looking to indulge and/or clog your arteries for the afternoon, you can find Meat Candy at the corner of William Street and Brisbane Street in Northbridge, Perth’s hub for the best food, drinking, clubbing, and eclectic shopping.


What’s the #insidertip?

You could have guessed this already, but you definitely need to try the fried chicken. I recommended Candy’s chicken sandwich. My sources say it will blow your mind, and it is perfect if you don’t want to deal with bone-in chicken. Also, if you are going out in a large group, Meat Candy will feed your whole party for only $33 a person. This deal includes everything, loads of fried chicken, sides, sauces, pickles, beer, and wine!


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*images via Meat Candy

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