Bivouac Canteen and Bar

An experience at Bivouac is like camping warm and friendly but with exceptional food and cocktails. If you are looking for a little adventure, trek over to Perth’s greatest campsite, and delight yourself with the quality food and drink!


What is it?

Bivouac Canteen and Bar, the brainchild of Anthony and Amanda Princi, is a Middle-Eastern inspired restaurant designed for grazing and good conversation. Its staff is well prepared for sharing and chatter and will concoct your dishes in a timely and considered manner. Amongst their

You may find the name quite interesting. The literal meaning of “Bivouac” is a temporary campsite for backpackers, trekkers, and even soldiers during the time of the British Empire to stay the night and rest. The Princi’s had precisely this in mind when they were creating their space as a meeting point for their art community. You can indulge in Five Senses Coffee all day, a boozy meal in the AM, or the daily secret menu dish if you are a Bivouac regular!


What makes it unique?

The atmosphere is exceptional with its historical references, seasonal dining, art curation, and Middle Eastern vibes, yet what is even more marvelous is Bivouac’s initiatives to source local and sustainable produce. This is what Amanda and Anthony say sets them apart, and they emphasize their efforts in collaborating with local farmers to provide Perth with the most deliciously, peculiar dishes.

How do I get it in my life?

Bivouac Canteen and Bar is located in Northbridge, Perth’s cultural centre and destination for modern design and voguish eateries, bistros, and bars–the perfect place for this gem! It is open Tuesday through Saturday, and you can find this Canteen at 198 William Street.


What’s the #insidertip?

I have been raving about their menu, and trust me it’s mouthwatering; you can order anything from Grilled Kefalograviera (Iranian figs), Hawaij Whole Goat Shoulder, or a Honey & Lavender Sundae. But if you only have room for one menu item, you must order the goat chops! The goat chops have been on the menu since opening day and are from the owners family farm in Gin Gin, Queensland.

If you can’t get enough of the Bivouac vibe, check out their blog, where they post about what is happening in and around their community! And be sure to show them some love on their social!


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