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A facet of customary Japanese culture is paying attention to the details. Awareness, purpose, and intention are highly valued, and Mr Kitly fully conceptualizes this ideal in the shop.


What is it?

Mr Kitly is a Japanese-inspired shop that carefully curates its product collections. Nothing is of ill quality, and everything has a constructive purpose. Here, you can shop for handmade ceramics, linen clothing, eco-friendly gardening products and tools, natural and organic soaps, Japanese knives, teas and oils, lighting, plants, books–the list is endless yet is considered with integrity and utilitarianism in mind.

The creator of this beautiful shop is the owner, Bree Claffey who spent half a decade of his life living in Japan and learning about their rich culture. Mr Kitly aims to showcase the experiences and values she inherited when living abroad.


What makes it unique?

For Bree, a community is important. In addition to shop space, Mr Kitly functions as a gallery and has a full schedule of art exhibitions, educational talks, and workshops. The recent event hosted by Mr Kitly was a knife sharpening workshop where people were taught to take care of their Japanese knives and sharpen them using Japanese water stones.  


How do I get it in my life?

Mr Kitly is located at 381 Sydney Road, just north of the Melbourne Zoo. This shop can be a bit tricky to find! Mr Kitly resides above another store, so one should look out for the stairs from the street level. And if you are unable to visit, you can still order from their website!


What’s the #insidertip?

In conversation with Bree, she advised me to block out plenty of time to walk through the store. While shopping, one should really enjoy the atmosphere and take it slow as there are so many products and art pieces on display. My advice is to look out for their Terra Hydros. These are vases modeled after terrariums that showcase a full plant–everything from the roots to the top of the leaves. They come in all shapes and sizes, and the interior suspends the plant so that it doesn’t touch the bottom or sides. You can find the brand video here!

Mr Kitly is very much a lifestyle shop that we can all appreciate! Enjoy your time shopping, and be sure to show them some love on their Instagram.

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