Moon Dog Craft Brewery | the unconventional microbrewery

Whether it is your place for playing games, swimming in inflatable pools, enjoying live entertainment, or throwing beers and sourdough pizzas back with your mates, a day at Moon Dog Craft Brewery is full of the unconventional and will never disappoint!

What is it?

This microbrewery was opened in 2010 by two brothers, Jake and Josh Uljans. These two have an eccentric palette and are known for creating beers with unsuspecting ingredients like pumpkin and chili. For something a little different, try Perverse Sexual Amalgam. This is a black ale made with wild yeast and aged in cherry plums and oak!

Chef Ioreth Tudor operates the pizza caravan out front. Moon Dog doesn’t offer any food other than free popcorn, so if you are famished or starting to feel the alcohol, pop out and order a pizza or two… or five.


What makes it unique?

It’s a vibe. The interior design of this brewery is your grandmother’s furniture meets barrels meets palm trees and BBQ. There is something about the heterogeneous design that enables comfortability, making it the ideal spot to let loose and just relax with your friends.  


How do I get it in my life?

Everything about this location abides by their unconventional vibes as it sits amongst the brothels and industrial buildings of Sydney’s inner-city suburb, Abbotsford. You can find Moon Dog Craft Brewery at 17 Duke Street.


What’s the #insidertip?

Thursday nights are for experimenting! Every Thursday, they tap a single keg of a special, “one-off” beer. It’s limited, but its unique and delicious every time. If you like surprises, you can’t pass up Thursdays at Moon Dog!

All walks of life attend Moon Dog Craft Brewery, so there are no excuses! Check out the shenanigans these people get into on their Instagram, see you there!

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* all images via Moon Dog Craft Brewery

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