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Monsieur Truffe, chocolate with philosophy, is a space we can all get around. Thibault Fregoni, Monsieur truffe himself, is as if he jumped off the pages of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He didn’t bring the Oompa Loompas or golden eggs, but there are seasonal gold dusted chickens which sound like the next best thing!

What is it?

Monsieur Truffe is Melbourne’s very own chocolate factory that focuses on flavour, quality, and detail. Monsieur Truffe started back in 2006 as a “one-man operation” and has now grown into a chocolate empire, dominating the artisanal chocolate space. In one word, their philosophy is sustainability as they take it upon themselves to use 100% organic ingredients and recyclable packaging. I can honestly say I have never felt so good about eating a chocolate bar.

Their line of chocolates is extensive, and their craft comes in several mediums. They have their trusted single origin bars where 100% of the cacao beans used came from the same locations, specifically Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, and Sao Tome as well as seasonal chocolates, hot chocolates and thins, specialty bars, and bean-to-bar chocolates.


What makes it unique?

For those of you who are dairy-intolerant, Monsieur Truffe also offers vegan chocolate bars, and it turns out they are award winning! One of their tried and true bestsellers is their 55% Vegan Milk Ecuador Bean to Bar. That is a literally a mouthful that I need in my life. This chocolate bar won bronze at the International Chocolate awards in 2017 and is one of Samantha Bakker’s prize possessions. Samantha is the head chocolatier and is said to put a whole lot of love and dedication in each batch. This bar is made with organic Ecuadorian cacao nibs, coconut sugar, and coconut milk powder, making it super creamy and smooth.


How do I get it in my life?

Monsieur Truffe shares space with Thibault Fregoni’s second operation, East Elevation; cafe and chocolate factory all in one! You can find the Monsieur Truffe Factory and store behind the little red door on Lygon Street in Melbourne’s inner-city suburb, Brunswick East. However, if you aren’t nearby, you can find Monsieur Truffe chocolate in over 130 stockists across Victoria and New South Wales! And if that still isn’t feasible, Monsieur Truffe has a handful of online stockists as well.


What’s the #insidertip?

In conversation one of Monsieur Truffe’s lovely staff, Jessica Fields, she said Gianduja was her all-time favorite chocolate that they make in-house; “Gianduja is an indulgent mix of pure Piedmonte Hazelnuts (which we import straight from Italy), made into a smooth paste, mixed with whole hazelnuts and organic chocolate (we do both a milk version and a dark version, the dark being vegan). I have bought it religiously since I started working here and I eat it with everything – melting it and pouring over ice cream, chopping it into pancakes on a Sunday morning, or just eating it straight up. It’s pretty boss and incredibly moreish.”


Its decided. Gianduja is the chocolate for me! Except, I am thinking melted chocolate, ice cream, and pancakes all in one! It looks like I will be ordering chocolate and signing up for the gym… Be sure to show Monsieur Truffe some love online, and let the Threads Network community which is your favorite!

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