Bird’s Basement jazz club | From New York City to Melbourne

I’ve got the sweet voice of Ella Fitzgerald in my head today, and I’ve got all the details about the hottest jazz club in Melbourne aka Bird’s Basement.


What is it?

Take yourself back to the 1950s, New York City, 52nd Street in Manhattan, and grab a seat at Birdland, the jazz corner of the world. This club was home to the greatest household names like Frank Sinatra, Charlie Parker, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Miles Davis, and John Coltrane just to name a few. For the first time, Birdland has expanded, and the legacy lives on in Melbourne! Now you can visit Bird’s Basement and experience past, present, and future jazz legends. This  first-rate venue naila the ambiance of a New York jazz club with its low stage, blue lights, and balcony seating.

If you can’t get down to jazz, they also host soul, funk, reggae, and blues shows!  


What makes it unique?

In two words…Albert Dadon (Albare). Zealous and devoted member of the jazz community, Albare is the genius behind this venue and an expert jazz guitar player himself. Albare is the frontman for the band Urbanity, and you can catch their show every month at the club. It is Dadon’s enthusiasm that drives the club’s energy and continues to hold its famous legacy.


How do I get it in my life?

Bird’s Basement is located at 11 Singers Lane. It is recommended if you are dining before a show to arrive half an hour early to avoid rushing. If you are not looking to dine, you can still enjoy a Manhattan or espresso martini at the bar! For information on shows and tickets, follow this link.


What’s the #insidertip?

During the residency of international jazz stars, Bird’s Basement puts on two shows a night. Hot tip–if you come to the early show and don’t feel like leaving after the first set (1.5 hours), you can stay for the late show too–no extra charge!

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