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Winter Wonderland: A Kaleidoscope of Cocktails at Emporium

Have you ever wanted to step into Wonderland? To go beyond the looking glass where everything is so ridiculous it just makes sense? Well at the risk of telling you BT babes what you already know – that’s never going to happen. No smiling cats or crazy men (who bare a striking resemblance to Johny Depp) inviting you to equally as mad parties. While that may be quite devastating, don’t worry your pretty little heads about it. The Emporium Hotel in Fortitude Valley has the next best thing, and it comes in the form of delicious cocktails inspired by¬†the winter wonderland¬†of winter wonderlands.

Enjoy a beverage or many in the Emporium’s oh-so-chic cocktail bar. With its warm lighting and relaxed vibes, you can take the time to have the full Wonderland experience from glass to glass. With both old and new cocktails available on the menu you’ll be making sure you aren’t late for this very important cocktail date.

Emporium Cocktails | Brisbane Threads

The twelve chapter Winter Wonderland menu is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s psychedelic concepts. The selection, which feature drinks from the Emporium’s own cocktail creator Zac, offers a beautifully nonsensical but oh so delish taste-scape. Each drink is named after quintessential elements found in the classic story. Drink the night away with a Mad Tea ( Gin, Green Tea, Fig and Turkish Delight Liqueur and apple juice) or sip on the Gardener’s Fizz which makes you feel like you’re the guest of honor at the Mad Hatter’s very own tea party.

And for those of you who enjoy some kind of gastronomic delight to accompany your drinks, don’t worry the Emporium has a vast array of food you can order from the bar. If you’re into classic finger food with a bit more finesse the Mushroom Arancini balls are hard to miss, as is the soft shell crab. The Chicken Bites are also quite yummy.

So if you ‘re keen for a few drinks with the girls, feel like taking you’re one true love out on the town or are simply a literary lover from way back, it’s the perfect place to pay a visit. Take a leap like Alice, descend the rabbit’s hole and enjoy the Emporium’s take on Wonderland this Winter.

Emporium Cocktails | Brisbane Threads

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