Winter Cocktails with Rekorderlig



The clever folk over at Rekorderlig (you know the premium Swedish cider that all the cool kids are drinking!?) have a new flavour to accompany you through the change of season – Orange-Ginger Cider!

We got to try it and so, we played around and made cocktails with it right after we had a first taste-testing gulp. It’s delicious by the way – much better than the standard ginger beer! Here’s what we came up with… the possibilities are endless…


Beachside Bliss

Orange-ginger Rekorderlig, orange juice, vodka, lime to garnish.


Rekorderlig Sunrise

Layer pineapple juice and orange juice, top with orange-ginger Rekorderlig, tequila.


With Lime

Place limes in glass, pour orange-ginger Rekorderlig over. Perfecto!


Rekorderlig Punch

Apple juice, orange-ginger Rekorderlig, orange flavoured vodka, apple and orange to garnish.


Sweet Sensation

Cranberry cordial, orange-ginger Rekorderlig, vodka, lime to garnish.


Hot Tip: I also found a recipe online for a tasty winter combo.

Add a thumb of ginger, a dash of honey and a splash of lemon juice to your orange-ginger Rekorderlig and heat until warm. Serve with an orange wheel.


But who are we kidding – everyone knows Rekorderlig’s are MOST delicious when you pop the cap and drink it straight from the bottle! Enjoy.

P.S. do you have any Rekorderlig inspired cocktail mixes that you make? Let us know, we’d love to try them!

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