Are you the next W Insider?

We are all bursting with excitement as the highly anticipated W Brand is making it’s return to Australia, opening an oh-so-freaking-fabulous-five-start hotel W Brisbane!! Brisbane this is the first five-star hotel we’ve had in the CBD in 20 years!

To celebrate the launch W Brisbane has partnered with Brisbane celebrity Abby Coleman to hunt for Australia’s first W Insider. What is a W Insider we hear you ask? Imagine a full time position, with a salary, showcasing everything that is cool about Brisbane. All the latest and greatest fashion, foodie, lifestyle finds. The W Insider is a twist on a traditional hotel concierge; but for the cool kids. 

“A secret life bubbles away just below the surface in Brisbane and we’re on the lookout for someone who knows what’s going on behind the scenes – the unexpected finds and quirky spots that global jetsetters and local tastemakers can only dream of,” said Abby Coleman.

Apply to be Australia’s first W Insider! 

The search for Australia’s first W Insider kicked off on 17 October 2017 and closes this Tuesday 7 November 2017

Watch Abby Coleman chat about the W Insider 

So do you know the hottest, newest, most on trend cafes? Where to drink the bubbles, which bubbles to drink, whats on, where to go? Design, fashion, food and all things fabulous are your jam? The W Insider might just be for you!

For more information on how to apply for the W Insider role or supporting positions please click here.

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