Five Ways to Update Your Kitchen – WITHOUT Starting From Scratch!

Kitchens can be a huge expense when you’re after a fresh look. It’s easy to think you need to get the builders in to completely pull your old one out and consequently fork out thousands to get a new one. WELL do I have news for you! It doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are a few simple ways you can update your kitchen without starting from scratch, that won’t break the bank but will look a million bucks.

Update Your Appliances and ACCESSORISE to Your Heart’s Content

It’s amazing what a difference some modern appliances can make. If you’re feeling bold, try opting for a themed appliance situation. I love these Delonghi matching small appliances. They come in super stylish colour schemes and a classic design that will go with any kitchen.

kitchen accessories

Pictured above is some kitchen inspiration by ASKO. I love the way their dishwashers and major appliances are designed to blend into the fit-out. Try this subtle technique, throw your oldie on gumtree and invest in white-goods that are a classic masterpiece and will last you a lifetime.

Try a Drop of Paint

It might seem obvious to paint your walls a nice crisp white in an attempt to modernise your out-dated kitchen, but have you thought about painting your cupboards too? Paint brands like Dulux do a paint especially for a job like this. Head into your local paint shop and ask for advice. Think how gorgeous your old pine farmhouse kitchen cupboards will look in a nice duck-egg blue or even a bold gloss green! Do some Pinteresting to get your creative juices flowing before you commit to a colour.

Walls, Walls, Walls

I just touched on keeping your walls white and crisp. This is always a good way to look fresh and modern. Don’t put aside the thought of a feature wall though. I’m not talking bright orange or early 00’s nasty suede effect. Think wall paper friends. It’s where it’s at and nothing says 2015 like some on-point patterns to catch your guests eye.

If you’re intimidated by papering a whole wall in your kitchen, just try the back of your open shelving unit or any small parts of enclosed wall you have.

wall paper
Sourced from PINTEREST

Also, don’t be afraid to throw some pictures up in the kitchen. For some reason a lot of people leave their kitchen walls bare. It’s a fantastic place to have framed photos and bright art work as it’s where we spend a lot of time and tend to gather, so why not?

kitchen inspo pictures

Replace Those Handles Pronto!

Take those tired, old knobs off your draws and pantry cupboards and replace them quick smart. You can approach new handles in many different ways. If you’re going for a more bohemian-chic look, try collecting mismatched antique style handles. I love some of the ceramics Anthropologie do sometimes. Another idea is next time you’re walking past an antique store, keep an eye out. Start collecting now.

If you’re after a modern, classic style stick with something simple. Try all matching and silver. You might want to spend a few extra dollars on a nice solid handle though. There’s nothing worse than a tacky, cheap handle on your draws to make it look like a DIY job!

Get Those Nasty Countertops to the Dump

Do you still have chipboard counter tops? Covered in delicious speckled laminate? Yeah, it’s bad. You don’t need to replace your whole cabinetry. After you’ve given the cupboards a lick of paint, think about updating the counter top. You can invest in some stone or earthy timber, or keep an eye on ebay or gumtree to pick up someone’s old slabs to recycle, that just needs to be cut to fit. It doesn’t HAVE to break the bank but the results will pack a punch.

So have a go – try your hand at updating your kitchen without starting from scratch. Follow these simple steps to have a stylish and on trend place to cook delicious food and entertain good friends.

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