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Ultimate style guru Nikki Parkinson knows where it’s at when it comes to fashion and beauty.

The local Brisbane blogger is the face behind www.stylingyou.com.au a.k.a a woman’s BFF! But we’re sure you’re already a fan of her fashion savvy advice dished out in an interactive format and accompanied by quips, anecdotes and real-girl tips.

She also dips into travel, lifestyle, shopping guides, homewares (cushion fetish?), and one very particular Nina Proudman from Offspring outfit inspo series. Her blogging excellence requires a whole other article to give her the credit she truly deserves (is my girl crush to obvious?).

So what’s new you ask? A lot actually! She’s releasing a book!

It’s called Unlock Your Style and it’s due to be released on July 29 in all of its beautiful glory.

Unlock Your Style started off as a series on her blog, and when it finished, readers demanded it become an e-book, which was produced and sold in April 2013.

Unbeknown to Nikki, among the e-book lovers was a commissioning editor at Hachette Australia who saw the gap in the market Nikki was taking by storm. And the rest, as they say, is history. (You can read about Nikki’s journey from blog to print here)

Nikki said “Unlock Your Style is part storytelling, part work book and hopefully part illustration.”

Flicking through Unlock Your Style you’ll find a mixture of Nikki’s personal stories, advice and ‘homework’ to work through in each chapter to develop and foster your unique style.

She said as women go through different stages of their lives, they sometimes lose a sense of who they are and how to express their style and confidence.

“I want women to have the tools for unlocking or re-creating their personal style,” she said.

And through Styling You, Nikki has become a superhero of style. So there’s no doubt Unlock Your Style will be full to the brim of wisdom and style advice as Nikki continues her foray to help the women of Australia look and feel fab.

And it’s good news for us Brisbane folk! Nikki said because she has lived in Queensland her whole life, there is definitely a collective of styling tips women of the sunshine state will appreciate.

She said, “The influence of our relaxed lifestyle and a warm climate will filter through” in the book, however Unlock Your Style is relevant to all women with a passion for fashion.

Nikki said, “We should all honour who we are, and our personality, and dress according to that and our lifestyle. Never feel you have to dress the same as the next person. Dress to feel good. Scrap that – dress to feel FABULOUS. Every Single Day.”

We’ll cheers to that!

Here’s a sneak peak of the front cover of the soon-to-be-published book!


Unlock Your Style will be on the shelves in all good book stores on July 29, 2014 and is available as an e-version through iBooks, Amazon and Google Play.

To pre-order head to http://www.stylingyou.com.au/pre-order-unlock-your-style/


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