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Beauty Tuesday: What Makes Uni Organics Different?

I recently came across Uni Organics through my day job, and as soon as I learnt a little about this amazing Australian brand I couldn’t help but fall in love.

Uni Organics was originally founded in 1974 by Marc Greig as a solution to his family’s allergic reactions to regular shampoos, conditioners and skincare products. 9 years after his retirement in 2003,  Brisbane local Angela Jones purchased the brand in 2012 and spent the next two years doing product development, scientific research, sourcing ingredients and collaborating with some of the best formulating chemists in the industry to relaunch Uni Organics as a premium skincare brand. Driven by her strong desire to fly the flag for organic beauty and skincare products, Angela has helped Uni Organics evolve into the great Australian brand it is today, based on the morals and ethics of Greig and his team back in the 70’s. In a nutshell, that’s the Uni Organics story… but it’s so much more than just a premium certified organic skincare brand (although that is a pretty great title on its own!). Beauty Tuesday: Uni Organics | Brisbane ThreadsSo what makes Uni Organics different? A lot actually!

For starters, Uni Organics is setting a new benchmark organic, ethically produced skincare products and is standing out amongst the crowd of seemingly like-minded brands. However, Uni Organics do things a little differently and unlike some of their ‘competitors’ they have the best qualifications available to the industry. Here are some fast facts about Uni Organics:

  • Ingredients include unique Australian natural extracts and nourishing plant oils sourced from the Australian outback, including Kakadu Plum and Snake Vine extract because of their bioactive powers that work wonders. You can read more about the extracts used here.
  • All product packaging is eco-friendly and designed to avoid waste. Brochures are printed using vegetable based inks and cardboards and papers are purchased from responsibly managed sources.
  • No nasty chemicals and harmful toxins are used.
  • Advanced anti-aging formulations.
  • Certified organic and listed with Safe Cosmetics Australia (SCA).
  • Appears on the Choose Cruelty-Free list of products that do not support the testing of products and ingredients on animals.
  • All products meet the world’s highest organic standards that are established by the European certification body COSMOS, the most respected certification scheme for organic, natural and raw materials worldwide.
  • THE PRODUCTS ACTUALLY WORK. How great is it to find a product that does exactly what it says it will. No lies, no deception, no sneaky marketing tactics whatsoever. The products really do speak for themselves.

Our very own leading lady Danielle Lewis is also a huge fan of the brand after trying a bunch of “natural” and “organic” products that just weren’t working for her skin. Quite literally a day after using Uni Organics, her skin was noticeably clearer and she was instantly more confident that she had found a solution to her sensitive skin. She’s even purchased the whole skincare set (cleanser, exfoliator and toner) twice since trying our samples, so it’s safe to say she quite literally can’t go a day without Uni Organics.

For a limited time only, you can WIN a years supply of Uni Organics! If you want to enter, head over here and follow the prompts and $1800 worth of product could be yours! If you just want to give them a test run, that’s cool too! We recommend the Anti-Age Recovery Set(currently $30 off!) or the Luxe Travel Kit (also on sale right now).

If you’re already a Uni Organics customer, share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments below!

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    1. You should definitely try them Elese! The products are amazing, and we’ve made multiple repeat purchases already because I won’t go a day without them now! Thanks for stopping by Brisbane Threads 😀

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