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Do You Even Trivia? Where It’s At For Trivia In Brisbane

Do you like tasty eats, delicious drinks, guaranteed fun and a chance to win some sweet prizes?  Trivia nights are where it’s at, people, and we’ve done the legwork to find out where you can head for trivia in Brisbane when the urge is strong.

Popular with the Paddington-ers and surrounds, Kettle & Tin’s regular Tuesday Trivia is a barrel of laughs with the Man Vs Bear crew taking you through the rounds for the chance to win their weekly jackpot. Paired with weekly meal specials and a tipple, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to trivia at the K-Tin*

Archive at West End also serves up some trivia fun on Tuesday evenings to go with their delightful brews so take a break from that pool game to spend that gold coin on a few rounds of trivia instead. Plus you can totally order one of their tasty meals to chow down on while racking your brain.

Or if you’re more geographically oriented towards the Valley, The Flying Cock have you sorted with their Tuesday Trivia & Tacos. That’s right, fuel yourself with $25 DIY tacos and fight for the right to their sweet jackpot….currently up to over $2000. Think about how many tacos you could eat with THAT.

On Hump Day, dead down to Escobar for some trivia that is guaranteed to give you something to look forward to for those first two painful days of the week…or perhaps that’s their infamous bathtub gin. Either way, you can get both on Wednesday evenings from 7pm. Or if evenings are less do-able, Pig n Whistle Riverside do a speedy lunchtime trivia so grab your workmates for a pub lunch and impress them with your superstar knowledge.

If beer and burgers are your fuel of choice, hit up Grill’d Emporium for a juicy burger before getting down to business. Or if you’re hanging Southside, the Quiz Meisters crew are rocking The Fox with their hilarious special brand of pub trivia or join Man Vs Bear at Shady Palms for some top trivia and tipples.

For some special themed trivia, check out the Embassy to see when their next monthly trivia event is on. I’m still bummed that I missed their Fast and the Furious one…oh Vin!

Moose & Gibson are making Thursday Trivia happen along with beer and burgers on the first Thursday evenings of the month with five rounds of brain-teasing fun.

So there you go trivia aficionados and potential trivia-addicts. Go forth and trivia and make use of those countless hours trawling Wikipedia and random websites, learning what some might call useless fact. Now, you can claim them as the key to trivia glory.

* Bonus points if you know where this reference stemmed from.

Do you know a great, regular night of trivia in Brisbane? Hit us up in the comments below, we know there’s more out there! 

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