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Travel Essentials – Part 2 (health & beauty)

Earlier in the week we spoke about tech, gadgets and fashion travel essentials. Today we’re talking health and beauty travel essentials and which products I’ve found work best to keep you feeling squeaky clean, healthy and happy on your travels. Don’t you find travelling makes you feel like a public street-bin? From the dehydration on the plane to the constant public transport journeys, I’ve got you covered – here’s my list of must-haves.

beauty travel essentialsSolid Shampoo – Um these things are amazing. They are by the talented makers at Lush and are completely nasty-free which isn’t even the best part. Never mind packing your chunky shampoo bottle, just throw one of these compact sold shampoo bars into your toiletries bag and choof! You can even get nice conditioning ones so you don’t have to leave conditioner in your hair for five minutes each time you wash! Just make sure you let it get nice and dry before you throw it in your luggage.

solid shampoo travelAnti-bacterial – This is a must-have in my opinion, although my germ-loving husband begs to differ. When you’re travelling and using public restrooms in not so sanitary airports or even having to use natures bathroom, antibacterial is so handy before meals or just whenever you feel a bit feral. I never really love that alcohol smell that they have though. Enter, Thankyou Group. TG has managed to make the most deliciously smelling antibacterial ever. It’s lemon and lime and smells amaaarzing and even better yet – you’re contributing to a company doing good in the world. You can even ‘track your impact’ with a code thoughtfully placed on the back of each bottle.

Vitamin C – When you’re travelling around a lot, your immune system always seems to get compromised. You know how you always get a cold as soon as you arrive at your holiday destination? Well my solution is starting vitamin C a week before you leave. One thing I’ve learnt over the years is that there’s nothing quite like a good quality vitamin C. My favourite is C-Caps. It’s in capsule form so don’t expect a nice chewy orange flavoured tablet but it packs a punch and should keep that cold at bay so you can play!

beauty travel essentials

Lucas Pawpaw – This is a strange one that just always feels like home and always comes in handy. Who doesn’t love their pawpaw cream?! It’s great for bites, super chapped skin (like knuckles in the cold!) and of course feels like home on your lips. And it’s made in Brisbane too!

Evohe Oil – Flying and dry weather always leave my skin crying out for some nice natural oils. Brisbane is so humid that more often than not my skin is oily as it is. Flying takes all the moisture out of my face so I recover that with a rich oil like this one from Evohe. It’s a godsend in cooler weather! Evohe is sustainable and made on the Gold Coast / Northern NSW which makes it even better of course!

beauty travel essentials

Another great way to keep that skin moisturised is using a good mist. I love this one from Bella Box. Full of beautiful Australian oils that smell divine.

MooGoo Deoderant – Nothing worse than feeling stinky on the plane! This one is natural but still does a good job. It smells good but you might want to keep it in your bag and reapply it whenever you feel necessary. I reapply this baby twice a day instead of just using it once in the morning. To me, it’s a small price to pay to cut out the chemicals used in anti-persp deodorants.

Chamomile Tea – Travelling can often make me really anxious, stressed and bring on constant butterflies when things aren’t going to plan. Take some chamomile tea on the plane with you. Most airlines won’t provide chamomile and it’s a great way to calm those travelling nerves. Not only that but it’s an easy way to keep those hydration levels up. It’s so easy to forget to drink water in the air but it’s SO important!

Toms Organic – Women’s issues can seriously be the most inconvenient of issues when you’re travelling. When I don’t have easy access to my usual conveniences and routines, I like to keep my beauty and health habits and nasty-free and natural as possible. I love Toms Organic sanitary products all the time but especially for travelling. It’s nice to know you’re using organic cotton in the most sensitive of places.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my tips on keeping your best while travelling. Stay gorgeous and healthy my travelling beauties.


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