Top 5 Brisbane camping spots and our number one travel tip

When it comes to the weekend, sometimes there’s nothing more we love than getting back to nature. Sure, Brisbane is coming to life with some out-of-control new restaurants, but sometimes we all need a little zen in our lives! 

And with some amazing spots just a short drive from our beautiful city, why wouldn’t you take a break?

1. Bribie Island

65kms from Brisbane, Bribie Island is a fantastic beach-side camping spot. Accessible only by 4WD however there are a number of great camping facilities to choose from and recreational activities for the kids and fisherman alike.

2. Lamington National Park

If you’re keen for a rainforest walk, Lamington National Park is your ticket. This beautiful protected area is ready for camping any time except December and January.

3. North Stradbroke Island

Probably better known as ‘straddie’, North Stradbroke Island is only a short barge ride away. The white sandy beaches and friendly locals keep us coming back… and there are options to camp with your dog as well!

4. Moreton Island

A cheeky 40km ferry ride from Brissie, tall sand dunes, miles of sandy beaches, crystal clear creeks and lagoons, coastal heath, rocky headlands and abundant wildflowers make Moreton Island a jewel in Moreton Bay.

5. Lake Wivenhoe

With one of the largest water reserves in South-east Queensland Lake Wivenhoe and Wivenhoe Dam are perfect for canoeing, sailing, and swimming on your camping getaway.

And if you’re planning on heading out for the weekend, there’s one travel tip we’ve got for you, that could save your life. And that’s water. But we’re not talking about running to Coles before you go and lugging litres of the stuff to camp site. We’re talking about really being prepared in the case of an emergency. If disaster strikes, one of the biggest causes of death is lack of clean drinking water. And that extends far beyond a short camping trip, in disaster affected areas getting access to clean drinking water is one of the biggest and most fatal challenges.

Luckily for you and your crew, we’ve found the amazing DayOne Response Waterbag. A pretty amazing little device that enables you to filter 10 litres of clean drinking water from a number of bacteria and diseases.

And it could not be more simple. The Waterbag is super lightweight so easy to transport until you need it. Then once you have filled it with water, it can be carried around like a back pack. You simply fill it with the fresh water that you can find and add a sachet of P&G™ Purifier of Water and in 30 mins, you are good to drink.

Clean drinking water, too easy.

So don’t forget to add the DayOne Response Waterbag to your backpack on your next camping trip, enjoy and stay safe!


This article was brought to you by the amazing team at DayOne Response, all views are our own.

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