Our Top Ten Iced Beverage Picks for Summer

Appease! Summer is here and we have a problem: short flat white on soy is just not cutting it anymore. It’s HOT and iced beverages are now officially in demand! If you’re anything like me and your recreational daytime beverage consumption is low-key unoriginal… well then, say no more! The following is a list of ten of Brisbane’s best iced beverages and where to find them (before it’s socially acceptable to order a Spritz and call it a day, of course).

Iced Flat Mac | Sparrow Coffee Co

If you thought milk only came from a cow, my friend, think again. Refining the palette to get around new non-milk-but-also-milk fads seems like a cool ritual. From soy to hemp, skim milk, almond milk, oat milk, milk from an assortment of nuts and did you know, quinoa milk is a thing? Yes. So this season naturally, when Sparrow and Co brought out the Iced Flat Mac – a shot of All Press espresso poured over native Australian macadamia milk, BT says yes, “put that on the list.”

Location: 214 Adelaide St, Brisbane CBD | Instagram | Facebook

Kombucha Tea | Plenty West End

Nothing says, “Summer bod, I do” like knocking back a wholesome Kombucha at a class establishment like Plenty West End. Kombucha is the old veteran of the super-foods club. It’s a refreshing fermented tea bringing a long list of probiotic goodness to anyone has tried it in its last thousand years of existence (like yoga in a cup, basically). If you do grab a drop here, you’ll be supporting local farmers too. The philosophy behind Plenty is to source hearty ingredients direct from regional farms which then helps to sustain the local economy. Big tick!

Location: 284 Montague Rd, West End | Instagram | Facebook

Coconut Milk Iced Chai | Told You So

I’ve never met a chai I didn’t like. From chai lattes, chai tea, to dirty chai (aka chai mixed with espresso) or the amazing Prana chai, the Australian blend made with love in Melbourne and served in Brisbane’s very own Told You So café. The big #BTinsidertip is to order it iced and give it a go on coconut milk!

Location: 1/14 Discovery Dr, North Lakes | Instagram | Facebook

The Classic Iced Mocha | Black Sheep Coffee

There really is no need for waiting because there’s never been a better-named duo than coffee and chocolate (poured over ice and with a milk from a selection of your choosing). Observe, exhibit A – the Iced Mocha served at Black Sheep Café on premium coffee blends. This one is particularly special because they make all their coffee in their roasting house out back!

Location: 109 Norman Street, Woolloongabba | Instagram | Facebook

Salted Black Sesame Smoothie | Miss Bliss Wholefoods Kitchen

She’s a good drop (the selection of beverages) at a local favourite, Miss Bliss. You’ve probably well-discovered their exceptional acai filled flat lays and five star Instagram grid. Well here’s the dark horse of our summer drink staples: the Salted Black Sesame smoothie. If you’re a visual person, let me assure you, black is the new pink! It’s a black sesame infused banana smoothie with Murray River salt, maple syrup and our little BT hero – yes, that coconut milk.

Location: 85 Vulture Street, West End | Instagram | Facebook

Black Cascara Tea | Di Bella Coffee

If you haven’t had or heard of Cascara Tea, don’t worry – neither had I until last weekend when I took a tour of Di Bella’s Coffee’s amazing roasting warehouse. Cascara is actually a tea product made of coffee waste. Someone must have caught a whiff of its amazing hibiscus scent and gave it a whirl and thank god they did because this drink is a summer lifeline! It’s like a caffeinated cherry tea with a light coffee flavour and over ice, it’s literally THE perfect summer staple.

 Location: 82-86 Abbotsford Road, Bowen Hills | Instagram | Facebook

Assortment of Fruity Shakes and Sodas | Anouk Cafe

Cute little Paddington pocket Anouk café offers a selection of gorgeous fruit shakes and sodas that taste just as good as they sound! There’s the favourite, watermelon, strawberry and cloudy apple. Then there’s also lychee, lime and mint flavour… ruby grapefruit soda…or even house-made lemon, lime and mint ice tea. Bless! Best to take your most decisive friend with you here. 

Location: 212 Given Terrace, Paddington | Instagram | Facebook

Salted Caramel Milk Tea with Espresso | Tapi

It’s Tapi Time! From the creators of Pig and Kraut and the Ice Tea Man, Tapi is a little establishment serving a range of bubble tea flavours, espressos and unique thirst-quenchers! (I’ve seen their bubble-gum flavoured unicorn milkshake grace my Instagram feed more than a few times already). Just look for the delightfully vibrant kiosk in right in the heart of Southbank Parklands and give the Salted Caramel Bubble Tea a go. With a shot of espresso, that, I just can’t go pass!

 Location: Southbank Parklands | Instagram | Facebook

Raspberry Lemonade Smoothie | Kiss the Berry

With the science of acai bowls down pat, you’ve surely heard something about Kiss the Berry or if not, at least seen a palatable selection of Kiss the Berry bowls on your mates Instagram. Kiss the Berry has three stores. One in Brisbane CBD, one in Southbank and one at Burleigh for all your beach day cravings. This summer, the seasonal drink is a Raspberry Lemonade Smoothie… It’s got raspberries, pineapple, mango, watermelon, lemon juice, mint, passionfruit *big breath*  and coconut water!

 Location: 65/114 Grey St, South Brisbane | Instagram | Facebook 

Teneriffe Sunrise | Evolve Organics

Evolve Organics do AH-mazing cold-pressed juices, including heaps of green ones for your non-cheat days! Cold press juices are the go because they employ a method free of heat and oxygen, which in turn allows the maximum amount of nutrients to be compounded into your healthy little cup of greens! The Teneriffe Sunrise is a watermelon, pineapple, orange and lime blend that you can take with a shot of super biotic greens for an extra kick when you’re feeling a bit bleh. THE perfect Sunday morning pick-me-up!

 Location: 53 Commercial Road, Teneriffe | Instagram | Facebook

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