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Summer Hair with Toni & Guy Brisbane

A couple of weeks ago, I had the absolute pleasure of joining the Toni & Guy Brisbane team for a hair transformation to get my locks in the mood for summer. I think it was probably the best haircut of my life!

As a teen, I had unruly, frizzy, curly hair, which most of the time was thrown up in a bun with a halo around my face (thanks baby hair) or worn out like Guy Sebastian in his Australian Idol days, just blonder and with less height. Anyway, hair was never really on my radar and a haircut for me was always a 6-monthly affair that consisted of a trim to lob off the split ends. But now, as I’ve gotten older, the curls have dropped and the frizz has settled down, and I’ve come to find myself more interested in the mop on my head.

So, when the opportunity to visit the Toni & Guy team in their Edward Street salon in the CBD for a new summer do, I jumped at the opportunity. They’re the hair experts of hair experts, and the experience as a whole was unbeatable.

First up, I met Lyndsay, one of the salon owners (she owns it with her sister!), and we had a chat about how I usually wear my hair, what I liked and what I wanted. She then took me over to the hair washing station to give my hair a wash and head massage (one of the best things about a salon treatment, don’t you think?).

Once clean and smooth, it was time for the cut. My brief was a short, above the shoulder cut, with a flick over the left side of my head. Like Lara Bingle/Worthington or Zoe Foster Blake, I said. With somewhat of an idea about what I wanted, Lyndsay set to work.

30 minutes and a blow dry to style later, and my hair was done. And you know what… it was exactly how I imagined it! And not only was my new hair done, but Lyndsay also showed me how to style it, and talked me through what she was doing to make it sit to the side with a bit of volume. Hello dream salon experience!

Toni & Guy Brisbane My hair may never look as good as it did when I walked out of the salon, but I definitely love this new cut, and will probably be getting my hair done at Toni & Guy again in the future, because it really was the best experience.

Did I also mention that the salon is uber swish. They offered me tea, coffee, lemon infused water or wine. WINE! There was a good selection of magazines, everything was clean, tidy and in order, the staff were so friendly and I just felt comfortable the entire time (which is often difficult when staring at yourself in a mirror for 30 minutes and engaging in awkward chitchat).

So, the long story short? I ABSOLUTELY love Toni & Guy Brisbane. If you need a haircut, colour or style any time soon, you know where to go!

Toni & Guy Brisbane Website | Facebook | Instagram | Level 1, 162 Edward Street, Brisbane | Ph: 3210 1727| Trading Hours: Mon-Wed 9.30-5pm, Thurs and Fri 9.30-8pm, Sat 8.15-5.30pm

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