Alice’s Five Tips for Moving House – Without Crying Like a Baby


I am an old hand when it comes to moving house. In the past six years I’ve lived in FIVE different homes. Cool, huh? Wrong! Not cool. On the upside I’m super good at moving house. I have it down to a fine art. I’m about to move countries and in terms of the actual move, moving across the world with only two cases is way less intimidating then my last move from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane!  Here are some useful tips I’ve found to work over the years.

1. Pack the spare room first. One of my techniques is to get that spare room packed up as early as three weeks before the move. Stack your boxes up against the wall. Once you have one completely packed up and empty (bar the boxes) room, you can use this as the box room. Every time you fill and seal another box, stack it in that spare room. This way when the removalist comes, they can get access to every box from the one space.

2. Don’t be a hero. Get help. We’ve all been there and wanted to save that $500 by hiring a trailer and getting a mate to help. Then after one load, we’re looking down the barrel of thirty more trips, an aching body and being too tired to unpack at the other end. In the past, I’ve found removalists like Your Local Movers to be the best decision I’ve ever made. If you’re budget conscious, all you have to do is follow my box room step, then move all of the furniture into another empty room so the removalists only have to access two rooms. This will speed up their process and save you a lot of money.

3. Be careful with labels. In saying that – also label, label, label! Here’s what I mean… Definitely make sure you’ve clearly marked where every box belongs – BUT, don’t fall into the trap of the movers placing each box in their labeled room. I usually choose a room at the new place and get the movers to put all boxes in there. Working from one room means that you’re not overwhelmed with boxes in your living space and you can take your time. Work through your boxes one at a time, dismantle the cardboard and place to the side. There’s nothing more overwhelming than sitting in your lovely new lounge room being surrounded in crap you don’t know where to put!

4. Keep your friends. Don’t let them help. The people who love you will always offer to help you move. It’s lovely isn’t it? Don’t fall for it. Moving will bring out the worst in you. You’ll be under the pump to get the movers out of there before they start charging another hour, you’ll have an embarrassing amount of tissues and dirt under your couch – there are just some things better left unknown about friends. Leave it to the professionals, and invite your friends over for the first pizza and beer in the new place to celebrate instead. Tell them to bring the pizza if they’re desperate to help!

5. Cleaning is the worst part of it all. Get pros. I usually hit up gumtree and search for bond cleaners. The $200 was VERY worth it last time. The awesome thing about getting an official bond clean is that  they can keep going back until it’s perfect for no extra charge. I really don’t know why it took me so many moves to work out how utterly wonderful bond cleaners are. BEST.DECISION.EVER.

Well these are the five steps I take to ensure a smooth and easy move. It’s such an awful thing to do when life gets so dang busy, so hopefully these tips can help you too! Happy moving peeps.

* This post was written in collaboration with Your Local Movers. Thank you for allowing us to work with local business’ so we can keep providing fresh content at Brisbane Threads!

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