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Spotlight On: TIPI Interiors

With scented candles, terrarium gardens and copper tableware sweeping through homes across Queensland, it’s easy to get tired of the same old homewares. So I was more than a little excited when my invitation to the launch of TIPI Interiors pop up store arrived in the mail.

Upon arriving it was clear that TIPI Interiors is off to an amazing start. Around 100 people squeezed into Paddington’s very own creative space, Showroom, to ‘ooh and ahh’ over the collection of TIPI Interiors homewares, trying to snap up a piece to call their very own. Haddy and Jess, the brains behind the whole operation, spoke eloquently of their brand and weaved the TIPI story for each guest to behold. My personal favourite quote of the evening, “our products are our brand and our story,” could not be more evident upon seeing their range. The passion and love the girl’s have for their brand shines through their custom made products and handpicked furniture.

The products have all been sourced and manufactured in India and having travelled there myself, I had high expectations for the launch of the pop-up store. However I didn’t quite expect the wave of nostalgia I felt when looking at their exquisite range of hand picked furniture. Each piece was deeply entrenched in history and wove its own unique story, making it an asset and talking point for all potential owners.

TIPI’s custom-made range of tableware are pieces of artwork in their own right. It may sound odd to say that I will treasure the napkins that I purchased at the event, but I can honestly say they are the best things I have bought in a very long time.

I was lucky enough to ask Jess and Haddy a few questions about TIPI, so read on to understand the extent of their passion and creative spirit.

TIPI Interiors | Brisbane Threads

What was the inspiration behind starting TIPI interiors?

It all started with a dream nine years ago. Haddy was travelling in Morocco and had this epiphany where she realised what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. One day she told herself she would start a homewares business and bring the magic of travelling back into people’s homes. That dream then became a reality, when Haddy shared her vision with Jess and invited her to help bring TIPI Interiors into fruition.

What’s does the future hold?

The TIPI Interiors online store will launch at the end of 2015. We look forward to presenting a full range of outdoor furniture, tableware and homewares. As the TIPI story is only just beginning, we look forward to learning what our customers love and building this into the design of our products.

How has your background in other fields helped to build your brand? 

By day, Haddy is a Cost Analyst for an Oil and Gas company. This means that her strengths lie in operational management, maintaining a keen eye for detail and monitoring the financial component of the business. Jess is a Psychologist for an organisational psychology consulting business. Jess’ strengths include understanding human behaviour (and subsequently consumer behaviours), building connections with people and understanding organisational development practices.

What is your favorite piece in the collection?
Haddy’s favourite piece is the blue damachiya. Jess’s favourite piece in the current collection would be the Director Chair with white cotton dhurrie covers.

If you could get on a plane and go anywhere right now, where would it be?

We would both fly back to magical Rajasthan, where our vision first became a reality! As well as the beautiful India, Haddy would fly back to Morocco and next on Jess’ travel wish list is Sri Lanka and Cuba!

Where can people purchase your products?

Later this year you will be able to purchase our products via our website www.tipi-interiors.com!

TIPI Interiors | Brisbane Threads

TIPI Interiors | Brisbane Threads

TIPI Interiors | Brisbane Threads

Image credit: TIPI Interiors, Photographed by: Alisha Musil

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