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The Benefits Of Handwriting with Officeworks #TimeToWrite

My, my…the last four weeks have gone incredibly fast. As they say, time flies when you’re having fun! This is the final week of the handwriting challenge Officeworks has set me as part of its Time to Write initiative, and after four weeks of handwriting we are definitely feeling closer to our pen and paper roots.

If you’ve been following us on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you would have seen our weekly handwriting posts to support the #timetowrite initiative and challenge Australians to reconnect with handwriting and reap the benefits it can bring.

As we mentioned in our original blog post about #timetowrite, the team at Officeworks have joined forces with the Deakin University to conduct research on the personal benefits of handwriting in today’s fast-paced society. From a total of 2000 Australians participating in the study, those who chose to handwrite notes, thoughts, ideas and feeling or memories over other methods were 2.5 times more likely to feel relief from anxiety, fear and worry.

The study also documented that one in three Australians never, or rarely use, handwriting as an outlet to express themselves. It’s crazy to think some people just don’t handwrite for personal reasons, considering the study showed that people who do handwrite personal notes, multiple times a day, show a greater level of general life satisfaction in comparison to those who don’t. Simply putting aside 15-20 minutes every day to handwrite can result in a more positive state of mind – definitely something we plan on implementing into our daily life from now onwards!

Make sure you check out our socials today for our final writing piece for the Officeworks #timetowrite initiative and don’t forget to put pen to paper and share yours with us by using the #timetowrite hashtag and tagging @officeworks on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

If you would like to find out further information about the research findings and how others have got involved, check out www.timetowrite.com.au/.

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