Time of the Month

That ‘Time Of the Month’ is usually one of the times we don’t usually like to talk or even read about.

Women get all embarrassed and men (well sorry if you are reading and not meaning to generalise), but men usually just get grossed out. I don’t know about you, but growing up in the late 90’s early 00’s it kind of felt like getting your period was an annoyance and stopped the pace of normal life. The number of girls in high school who couldn’t participate in sport lessons because ‘flo had come to town’ was a weekly occurrence. It felt like advertisements about ‘that time of the month’ were promoting the need to avoid those awkward and embarrassing moments that happen when you get your period.

There seems to be a societal taboo around getting your period.

Then on the other hand we have #girlscandoanything and #girlboss all over social media! Well, I am here to tell you that even #girlbosses get their periods and instead of being embarrassed about it we need to embrace it, talk about it, and take control of our health.

There is so much talk in our everyday lives about wellness, health, going organic and conscious living. Choosing organic coffee, organic food, organic beauty products and organic clothing have become more mainstream. Not just because it is good for us, but also because it is environmentally responsible.

Hashtag organic juice cleanse anyone?  Our generation just loves organic and eco. We love choosing what we put in  and on our bodies. Oh sure there is the occasional weekend (or weekday) bender; followed by a slow morning and a bacon and egg muffin in the car #amiright?  But generally, we are crushing on all things healthy and organic. #acaibowlplease.

Enter TOM Organic. An Australian feminine hygiene brand which makes Australian Certified Organic sanitary products. You know, like tampons and pads? There you go, I said it; TAMPONS and PADS! Let’s get the blushing cheeks over and done with and actually talk about it.

TOM Organic aims to empower women to make active choices about their health. They believe that women should never compromise their wellbeing or the health of the planet. Founded in 2009 by Aimee Marks, TOM Organic see their impact as threefold – enhancing women’s health and wellbeing, reducing the chemical load on the environment and inspiring conscious living. TOM Organic want to encourage women to make informed decisions about their health.

So why organic cotton? Have you ever stopped to think about what your tampon is made of? Probably not because most of us don’t sit around thinking about tampons. What is NOT inside a TOM Organic tampon is; plastic, bleach, rayon, viscose, synthetics, pesticide-sprayed conventional cotton. TOM Organic are just 100% Organic Cotton. Nothing else.

“It is really crazy to discover that cotton is the most chemically sprayed crop in the world. This is why TOM is made with 100% certified organic cotton – bleach-free, plastic-free, synthetic-free, and chemical-free from the farm to your bathroom. Guaranteed.” – Aimee Marks, Founder TOM Organic 

We need to make educated decisions. So just like when you Google ‘where to buy organic acai bowls?’ or ‘best organic coffee in Brisbane?’ why not add ‘where to find organic tampons?’ The answer is TOM Organic (available online, Chemist Warehouse, Coles and Woolworths and various other health stores in your area). We adore that they are organic and best of all created by WOMEN for WOMEN!

So there you have it. Why don’t you make the switch? Full stop. Or should I say. Period.

P.S. Want to continue the conversation?  Listen to a group of women talk to the ladies from TOM Organic about the differences between conventional and organic tampons.

We would love to know if you have made the switch?

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This post was produced in partnership with TOM Organic, however all opinions are our own. 

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