Threaded July: One Teaspoon Runway Show

July’s Threaded event is only 3 sleeps away! We have been so excited we just couldn’t wait for the fashion show – we had to go straight to alterior motif, the fabulous fashion boutique located on the Sunshine Coast, who have kindly supplied designs from One Teaspoon for the runway show.

( Shop 9 Rovera Plaza, Cotton Tree Parade, Maroochydore, QLD 4558

When doing a little research on the One Teaspoon label we came across their press release..and it was so honest and personal we wanted to share it with you..

The Press Release.

Jamie Blakey conceived it, drives it, designs it, and is the single-minded brain behind Australia’s much imitated fashion label One Teaspoon. 

It wasn’t always thus.

There was once a time when the clothing racks of good stores weren’t stretched to infinity with smart takes on florals and everyday wardrobe staples. Or with accessible sharp-edged fashion with obscure cuts and their references from Uruguay’s Montevideo to the old Russian capital of St Petersburg, France’s Marseilles and beyond.

Then, a girl looking for an edge was limited to the expensive one-offs from strip-store boutiques or crude takes on fashion from street and surf companies.

Suddenly, Jamie Walsham (a shot-gun marriage later skewed her name). A teenager who split Queensland on a bus to Sydney before her 18th birthday with a bagful of her own clothes, a few patterns, two pairs of scissors, a moping boyfriend and a head full of dreams (cue Rod Stewart’s Young Turks).

Jamie is different. She’s an old school designer not an interpreter of whatever she finds in the department stores of Tokyo and New York or the racks of Top Shop and H & M. She’ll grab a piece of fabric, pin up a pattern you swear can’t work, work at it with scissors, draw all over it, staple it, flip it over, staple it again, push her needle through and sweat over it until, with a flourish, she holds it up and says: you rike?

Working out of a bedroom on the northern beaches, Jamie created a 10-piece range in 2000 that so shifted the paradigm of Australian-made fashion that it was soon being hung on racks from General Pants to David Jones.

Not long after that Mischa Barton, Nicole Richie, and many other celebs were inflating their hams and chests in One Teaspoon.

Then fast forward to 2009 and oneteaspoon is being picked up around the world by distributors in UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Japan & Canada.  Being stocked in the world famous TopShop in Oxford Circus London was a special achievement for the brand too.

If One Teaspoon had followed the usual business cycle, this is where Jamie would’ve divested 95% of her shares and drifted into obscurity while its new owners squeezed the golden goose, playing the same hits until it choked on its own oversupply. But as Jamie always says – Never say Never.  

So that’s the story behind One Teaspoon… and since we had run out of time with the gorgeous Penny Lane at alterior motif, we asked 6 quick obligatory fashion questions…

Q1. What are your favourite looks for Winter?

Slouchy lounge pants, lace up boots and crop tailored jackets.

Q2. What is your favourite item on your shelves at the moment?

The Beau Coops lace up suede boots!

Q3. What do you hope your customers feel when they come in store?

Inspired to buy, not pressured to buy.

Q4. Who are your favourite style icons?

Nicole Ritchie and Gwen Stefani

Q5. What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

From my husband.. “from every obstacle comes opportunity, what’s important is the journey and how you get there”

Q6. Flats or heels?


See your pretty faces at Threaded – Friday July 16 10pm @ Alhambra, Fortitude Valley.

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