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Spotlight On: Annie Holden And The Travel Bra

We have found the answer to keeping your valuables safe while travelling, and it doesn’t involve a daggy money belt or a ghastly bumbag. Let us introduce you to The Travel Bra, a wandering woman’s BFF while on the road.

The Travel Bar was designed by Annie Holden, a clever Brisbane entrepreneur who saw a gap in the market and went for it, creating The Travel Bra to solve a problem in her own life, and the lives of many women of travel to earth.

The Travel Bra is made of soft bamboo, organic cotton and spandex, and is lightweight, breathable and offers full support, so it’s the perfect bra to see you through the cobbled stones of Rome, bar hopping in New York City, a walking tour of Hong Kong and so much more. Not only is The Travel Bra a comfortable undergarment, it is the key to keeping the essentials safe while travelling. Why and how? Because The Travel Bra has a number of secure hiding places for your credit card, passport, cash, fine jewellery and keys. With built in pockets and hidden zips, you can keep everything safe and close to your heart.

We caught up with Annie to learn more: Spotlight On: Annie Holden: The Travel Bra | Brisbane ThreadsBT: Can you tell BT readers a little bit about yourself and your background? 

AH: I am an anthropologist specialising in the impacts of mining on indigenous peoples which is a job that takes me around the world to remote places – Papua New Guinea, India, remote outback Australia (and I have a PhD in the cross disciplines of development economics and economic anthropology).

BT: What is The Travel Bra? 

AH: It is a full support bra, racer back style, with every comfort feature known to woman (no scratchy labels, wide shoulder straps, soft bamboo fabric) with hidden pockets that drop down to store passport or cash but which can fold back up again when not in use, so the bra looks and functions like any good bra but can discreetly and comfortably store valuables while travelling – passport, hotel room key, cash, jewelry, USB stick.

BT: What Inspired you to develop The Travel Bra? 

AH: I often need to carry cash to pay field workers and there are no ATMs often in the places to which I travel so I needed a safe place to hide money and passport when I worked so they wouldn’t get stolen (or lost!). I tried to buy a travel bra since I thought it was an obvious idea but then found I couldn’t – so I invented it.

No one has ever done anything like this before so I had no problem getting a patent for it.   I was also inspired because I found bras really uncomfortable on long haul flights.  So many bras that are recommended for travel either don’t have enough support or still don’t have comfort features like no scratchy labels.

BT: How long has the idea been in the works?

AH: Nearly 18 months of design, prototyping, sampling, testing and refining. I’ve been working with  bra designer Brenda Barnett, who formerly worked for Marks and Spencer and Triumph.

BT: Can you tell us a little about your Kickstart campaign?

AH: It launched this week and has already raised $6,300 so it is clearly resonating with women.  The aim is to raise $20,000 to fund the first production run. You can see the full campaign and pledge your support here.

BT: How have people responded to The Travel Bra? 

AH: Overwhelmingly postitively – especially female solo travelers and backpackers.

BT: If you could take The Travel Bra anywhere in the world, where would you go with it?

AH: Wow, everywhere – I’ve been pickpocketed in Paris so even in cities it’s useful.  It’s made of organic cotton and bamboo so it is very cool and is naturally anti-microbacterial so it wears well in hot climates.  I think it is great for somewhere like Bali – especially if girls are staying in backpacker hostels.  You can wear it shopping or going out drinking.  For schoolies week it would be a great thing to wear with some spare taxi money safely wrapped in the drop down pouch so a girl is never somewhere without money to get home.

BT: What advice do you give to budding designers and entrepreneurs?

AH: It is guaranteed that everything will cost more than you think and take longer than you had hoped. Be prepared for that and the journey will be less stressful.

BT: Finally, what is your favourite thing about Brisbane?

AH: The Jacarandas definitely.  The streets are awash with purple at this time of year.  I was born in Brisbane and it is one of my earliest memories that Jacarandas means Christmas will be coming up soon.Spotlight On: Annie Holden: The Travel Bra | Brisbane Threads

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