The Survey Co.


You may never have heard of The Survey Co., nor would you have walked past it. But once you read this, I think you’ll find yourself scouting it out.

The Survey Co. is located on Burnett Lane in the city – the one that runs parallel to the Queen Street Mall and looks like nothing more than a delivery truck zone. But in fact it’s actually a short laneway lined with interesting finds, including French Flowers, the German Sausage Hut (more on that soon!) and many more.

From the minute the big automatic door slides open you are transported to a dimly lit room, or one basking in sunlight depending on the time of day and mood. Outside there’s a small terrace with beautiful exposed brick and wall plans on all four sides, a long bench and barstools in the middle and the blue sky above.

It’s romantic and lavish. Perfect a loved-up dinner for two, or an intimate celebration with ones nearest and dearest.

The menu is bursting with modern cuisine with a twist.  And although it may leave a small dint in your pocket, you won’t be disappointed if you order right.

My favourites were the pork belly tacos with apple kim chi and the Roquefort ravioli with beef shin ragout and parmesan.


And maybe I’m regressing to my childhood slightly, but the Neapolitan laneway cones were amazing! They are tiny ice-cream cones filled with three layers – a blob of vanilla ice-cream on the top, a strawberry/raspberry mix in the middle and a smooth chocolate in the bottom of the cone.


The crumbed triple cream brie and jam was also a very tasty for those looking for something more ‘grown-up.’

Just to get your mouth watering some more, here’s a list of some of the other entrees you’ll find at The Survey Co

Chicken oyster skewers with miso mustard

Lime and jalapeno cured salmon tostada, pickled onion and avocado salsa

Merguez lamb cigars with black aioli


And mains…

Truffled pork sausage, Jerusalem artichoke, onions and kale

Cumin lamb ribs, kecap manis, chilli oil and steamed greens


And other bits…

Roast and raw tomatoes, ricotta salata and crushed olives

Roast pumpkin, fried sage, mustard fruits and lemon olive oil

Corn on the cob with whipped feta and chipotle


Check The Survey Co. out at 32 Burnett Lane, Brisbane

They’re open Monday-Friday 12pm until late. Saturday’s from 2pm until late.



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