There’s A New Menu At Stockies

Last year, The Stock Exchange Hotel underwent a complete makeover to give the Brisbane hotspot an entirely new look, atmosphere and energy. Stockies, as it has affectionately come to be known as, introduced us to their new head chef Lee Halliday and we were lucky enough to attend the new menu launch last Thursday evening. If you can get through our review without deciding you have to get to Stockies Kitchen ASAP, we applaud you!

The evening kicked off with delicious shared food plates that consisted of Chilli Squid with Sambal Aioli; Jalapeno Peppers filled with Cream Cheese and Baja Sauce; Sticky Lamb Ribs with BBQ Sauce and Char Grilled Mini Chorizo Sausages with Charred Chilli and Tomato Relish. I am not a lover of spice and steered clear of the jalapeno peppers and the char grilled chorizo, but my fellow foodies assured me the spice factor in both was very much there! If you’re always looking for something to kick up the heat when out for dinner, then I would very much suggest you pop by Stockies Kitchen and try these entrees out. If you’re like me and crave something with only a tiny kick, then the chilli squid is certainly a must, especially when it is paired  with the sambal aioli there was little spice factor and that’s just the way I like to eat my food. You can never go wrong with good sticky lamb ribs and Lee Halliday hit this one right on the head with tender meat that could be pulled right off the bone and the BBQ sauce was sweet and I imagine it would sit well after you’ve downed a few of the spicier options!

the stock exchange brisbane foodThe menu tasting went onwards and upwards from the entrees, and we were able to choose our main meal from a list of 4. There was Pappardelle with Artichoke, Garlic, Zucchini, Peas, Rocket and Parmesan; Pork Belly, Rum Baked Apple with Coleslaw and Jus; Beef Cheeks, Mash and Green Beans (with its own braising liquor) and a 300g Sirloin with Kind Brown Mushrooms and Roasted Garlic, Chips and Jus. For me it was a no brainer and I went straight for the pork belly with a rum baked apple, coleslaw and jus. The pork itself was extremely tender with a very crispy skin and when paired with the rum apple it was a killer combination. I was also lucky enough to try some of the sirloin and it was cooked to perfection. The beef cheeks were a very generous piece of meat paired with an equally generous amount of greens and mash. Sadly no one had ordered the vegetarian option at the menu tasting, so that’s all the more reason to head back to Stockies Kitchen ASAP!

While this menu may come across as simple pub food to some diners, it is pub food that is executed perfectly and leaves you feeling very full and extremely satisfied. The menu is friendly to all types of dietary needs with a vegetarian option and the pork belly and beef cheek dishes being gluten free. So the next time you’re looking for a new place to dine out in Brisbane, pop into Stockies Kitchen! Even if you’ve eaten there before, we can guarantee you’ll be happy with the latest addition to the Stockies team. Hats off to you, Lee Halliday!

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