The Olive Life

Olive enthusiasts take note, and don’t eat another olive until you know about new kids on the olive block – The Olive Life.

The Olive Life, founded by Jo and her partner Zack, is new on the scene, but with certified organic, Queensland-grown olives, their products are one of the best in town.

I know what your thinking. If they’re organic then they must be less tasty, more expensive and served in significantly smaller portions, right? Wrong! These guys are really good!


Olives served up by The Olive Life are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides and are fermented in natural brine using traditional processing techniques. The olives are sourced an organic olive farm in Inglewood, 3 hours west of Brisbane, which is the home of the only certified grove in Queensland to have Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) accreditation for its environmentally sustainable practices.

It sounds complicated doesn’t it? I’ll leave it to Jo to explain.

Jo said, “All olives that are imported are made with caustic soda which is a harmful chemical which basically helps to speed up the process” of growing olives, which can take between 3-9 months in the natural process, depending on the olive variety.

“Caustic soda speeds up that process so they can mass produce (but) then it has harmful chemicals in it which people don’t actually know they are eating.”

Jo said she could pick out a figure and say something like 80-90% of all olives are imported, and thus contain these harmful chemicals, so being certified organic is an important feature of The Olive Life.

She said, people are often naïve and think that because olives originate from overseas, the ones produced internationally are the best produce. However that is not always the case.

“The greater vision would be to revolutionise olives because there is so much that is important,” Jo said.

That’s not all The Olive Life has to offer. They don’t just slap a spoonful of their olives into takeaway containers for your small change; they freshly marinate them in one of their five unique marinades – chili, Mediterranean, lemon, Moroccan and orange.  And with five olive varieties to choose from (kalamata, manzanilla, arbequina, barouni and pitted kalamata) there’s countless combinations that can be made right before your eyes and eaten for the next three weeks, if your supply lasts that long.


Jo said, “It’s all about bringing local produce to our local people.”

Plus, “olives are good for you anyway, and they’re supposed to be natures natural aphrodisiac.”

Here are some other facts about the tasty olives from The Olive Life

–       They’re olives don’t contain food additives which can cause health problems such as heart disease, osteoporosis, migraines and hyperactivity.

–       They are GE-free meaning they do not contain genetically engineered or modified organisms.

–       As they are grown organically on the farm, nourishment starts in the soil, creates a nourished plant and subsequently, nourished palate when you munch on a perfect olive.

–       They’re not consistent in colour and size, have small cracks and often seem wrinkly and old when they are in fact a hard, crispy olive  – the signs of organic, naturally grown olives.

Now all you need to know is where you can get your hands on such a wonder. You can catch The Olive Life at Brisbane’s Farmers Market at Cannon Hill every Sunday and the Jan Powers Powerhouse markets at Newfarm every 2nd Saturday. You should also like them on Facebook to keep up to date with new locations, events and all their olivey-news.

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