The League of Extraordinary Women: June Breakfast Review

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Whoever said Brisbane was a small town, had obviously never been to a League of Extraordinary Women event.

Over 100 successful business women poured excitedly into The Foxy Bean at Woolloongabba on Tuesday morning, excited to network with other like-minded women and hear from two inspiring entrepreneurs.

The ladies-of-the-moment were Lou and Heidi from the Brisbane based handbag label Louenhide. You might have admired their gorgeous handbags, cosmetics bags and now shoes and accessories, in one of the many lifestyle/homewares boutiques in Brisbane.  They have over 500 stockists worldwide, so there’s a fair chance you may have seen their work.

In true girl-power style I marched straight up to them when I arrived to introduce myself and start picking their brain before any one else got a chance. And they were so lovely! I am sure they get so many young hopefuls pitching their ideas and asking them questions, so I was so grateful that they took the time to hear me out and have a chat. Feeling very inspired I sat back down and let them get to work.

Lou and Heidi shared their story and experiences with the audience for about half an hour and were completely open and honest. I overhead one audience member marvel at how generous they were with their time and stories.

My standout nugget of advice?

“Just keep going.”

They shared their journey starting out importing products from overseas and organizing parties with their friends to sell their wares, they shared their challenges having product made overseas and how they managed to juggle the business and their families.

The Brisbane Crusader Laura then stepped in to facilitate a panel discussion with the ladies and opened up the floor to questions. Again they took the time to delve into their own lives and share how they had gone about things in their own businesses.

We spoke to Brisbane Food Blogger Mimi Hyll from Mimi Must Try who said her biggest take away was “don’t look back and wonder, ‘what if?’. Just go for it and it will either be the greatest decision you’ll ever make or one of the greatest lessons you’ll ever learn.”

The League of Extraordinary Women is a movement of amazing female entrepreneurs who have banned the word ‘networking’ and instead organize monthly events in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Launceston, the Gold Coast, UK and soon to be New York, to create the opportunity for women to get together to be inspired, empowered and create long lasting relationships. I have been to several of their events and am amazed at the fantastic women I meet every time. The League does offer memberships which give you discounted rates to the events and they are just about to launch an online community so us budding entrepreneurs can connect all over the world.

Check out more about the League of Extraordinary Women online here and read more about their memberships here.

Or join the fun on Facebook.

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Image courtesy of Studio 4 Photography.


Probably the BEST gift bag ever… we all got our very own Louenhide handbag!

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Can’t start the day without a real coffee…


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