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In this fast paced, 24/7 digital world it is often impossible to turn off, to de-stress, to relax, be still and just let go. We are often so consumed with our work, with our phones, with ‘staying connected’ via social media that self-care, relaxation and mindfulness are the last of our priorities. Sound familiar?

So last week when our designer announced that he had tried ‘floating’ to help with mental clarity and relaxation; my stressed out self sat up, listened and took notice. Floating? Did I hear him correctly? In case you are like me living under a rock for this past year; you might be oblivious to ‘Floatation Centres.’ Turns out floating is all the craze and rightly so! Anything that boasts positive health benefits, detoxifying AND de-stresses is a good thing! So I reached out to The Float Space in West End and promptly booked in a session.

Flotation or floating is basically where you jump into a giant egg shaped pod filled with warm water and Epsom salts; it’s heated to your skin temperature (35 degrees). The result is an environment where your body naturally floats. It’s like you are floating in space…

From the moment I walked into The Float Space I instantly felt relaxed. The interior vibe was calming and styled with soft grey and blue tones along with tranquil background music. You know you’re in for a relaxing treat when even the receptionist makes you calm! If you’re a first time floater like myself; there is a short demonstration video to watch; explaining the history of floatation and what to expect whilst you’re inside the pod.

I didn’t actually have any expectation going into The Float Space, other than I would be floating inside a pod. So I loved having watching the video and I was pleasantly surprised to see the pods were so spacious and inviting. You are also in complete control whilst you are inside and you’re even able to adjust the lid open to various degrees. Once you are ready to float the next step is to get squeaky clean. You get your own private room with a shower, and all the organic and vegan products you can imagine. Oh-so lux. Then it’s as simple as stripping down, removing expectations and sliding into the pod.

So what happened once I was inside the pod?

The floating sessions last for a full hour. Light music plays in the first 5 minutes to help aid relaxation. Like in mediation and yoga, it’s quite normal for your mind to wander. I know my mind did. My to-do lists started taking over and I started remembering the growing number of emails in my inbox… but I kept bringing myself back to the room, back to the now, back to floating and back to complete relaxation. I also found myself to be fidgety at the beginning until I found my sweet float spot. Then it was like floating on a cloud…

Being in a float pod if not your typical daily experience. It’s really just you and your mind. There are no distractions… well except your own mind! During the hour, I tried to experiment with meditation, positive affirmations and visualizations. I find it hard to relax, so leading and guiding my mind felt like the best way to make the most of the experience (and to stop thinking about my inbox). Before I knew it, that soft music was playing and my time was up! I couldn’t believe how quickly the hour went!

Afterwards, I sat in the relaxation lounge and enjoyed a warm pot of organic herbal tea. I almost still felt as if I was floating. I was relaxed on a level that any yoga class or meditation I had done in the past hadn’t quite reached! It was whole mind-body relaxation.

In addition to float therapy, The Float Space also has an infrared sauna, cryotherapy, massage and biomat… so I’m looking forward to trying something new out and sharing that with you in the future!

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WebsiteFacebookInstagram | Address: 4/394 Montague Rd, West End 4101 QLD | Phone:+61 7 3844 4676


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