Ted Baker Spring / Summer 2015 Showcase

I see chiffon with stripes

Crisp white too

I see bathers with blooms

For me and you

And I think not really to myself

This collection really rules

I see sets that match

And sets that clash (stylishly so)

I see sequins on jackets

Worth every bit the cash

And I think to myself

I hope no one can see me drool

The colours and the prints

Completely unique, it’s true

Everything that’s graphic

Only Ted Baker can bring to you

I see delicate detailing

Saying “let me look good on you”

They’re really saying,

“I love you”

I see structural pieces

Cinched in the right places

I see varying lengths

For any kind of paces

And I think to myself

Is this a dream come true?

Yes, I reassure myself

This is a dream com trueeeeee.


^ Is precisely the little musical montage that occurred in my mind as I entered Ted Bakers breakfast and showcase on Tuesday morning. Trying ever so hard to calmly and collectedly weave my way through the Spring Summer 2015 collection. If you’re looking for diversity in one place, you’ve found it.


Bathers, for the first time are making an appearance in the stand-alone Indooroopilly shop. There are boxy cuts, loose and comfortable cuts; there are pieces cinched in all the most flattering places, and there are more structural pieces for those daring souls. Full of prints and graphics the collection has a mix of symmetry and asymmetry. Graphics are large and there is good use of negative space on textiles to really make them pop! Accessories aren’t omitted from this fabulousness; most of the bags for the coming season include a compartment at the very front just for phones, how convenient is that? No more endless digging for the slippery blighter. Skirt shapes range from pencil, to A line, to mini, and full circle. I must press that there really is something for everyone amongst this collection, and it’s arguably Ted’s best one yet!

The menswear collection is equally as fun, with heaps of loud prints on short and long-sleeved button ups. Ted Baker always caters for those who prefer the more understated and muted tones too. Light cable knits make an appearance, which is perfect for spring. A pop of fun print out the top of a light sweater? Yes please Gents. Pants are cropped, which is the perfect opportunity to show off those statement socks. The patterns and colour trickled down into accessories and shoes too. If there’s one thing Ted Baker is trying to tell you for this coming season it’s COLOUR, clash it, play with it, and don’t be afraid of it!

Ps. all of the prints in this collection are entirely unique to Ted Baker, so you’ll never have to worry about someone having the same patterned outfit as you (unless they too are Ted lovers, which is celebration not a casualty)

Oh, and a little shout out to Caxton Street catering who put on the degustation, but breakfast style. Stupendously kawaii, think all things breakfast, but then downsize that to a doll size tea party. I ate a tiny ham cheese sandwich shaped as a butterfly and French toast the size of a tim tam, I can rest assure that won’t happen again anytime soon.

Anyway, don’t just take my word for it peoples, get in store, check it out, and let us know what you think!


Fun fact: Every Ted Baker store has a theme privy to its location. The Brisbane theme is astronomy to relate to Sir Thomas Brisbane’s love of such.

Find Ted Baker at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre or online.

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