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6 Holidays Team BT Are Currently Planning

Have you noticed that a lot of people on your newsfeed are on glamorous, adventurous holidays at the moment in picture-perfect locations in Australia and around the world?! Is it making your travel bug itch with desire? Are you having FOMO (fear of missing out)? Are you desperately pinning travel inspo pictures on Pinterest? WE ARE!

We love planning holidays, researching activities and accommodation, exploring new places, devouring authentic food and discovering hidden gems. It’s the joy of travel that will never get old, no matter how many airports we sit in, flights we miss and mini disasters that happen in a foreign land. If we could travel all day, every day, without a care in the world, we would in a heartbeat.

For now though, we must live vicariously through others, so we asked our wonderful contributors if they had any upcoming travel plans. To my surprise, the majority of them do have holidays on the horizon (it just goes to show what an adventurous bunch we really are!). Here’s 6 holidays #TeamBT are currently planning for the second half of the year.


BT contirbutor Chloe is in the very early stages of planning a trip to Europe to explore the region on a solo mission. It will be her first time in Europe, so she’s looking at doing a group tour to get her bearings, meet new people and make her time abroad as care-free as possible (who doesn’t love someone else organising the logistics of travel!).  She’s heading to the northern hemisphere in January if all goes according to plan, so her winter knits will definitely get a second life outside of Australia’s winter season.

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Come January, Madi is going to Canada as an exchange student, to study and live at a local university in Vancouver. She went to Canada earlier this year and fell in love with the snow, the beautiful landscapes and the fun-loving people and enrolled in her university’s exchange program upon her return. To say she is excited is an understatement!

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Teagan, who is our Brisbane Editor and social media guru, is headed to Mexico in September for two weeks to explore Mexico City, eat tacos in the street, ride bikes around Tulum, catch up on some reading, drink tequila cocktails and hone her photography skills in paradise. The busy bee hasn’t planned a single thing yet (um Teagan, September is 2 months away!), so if you have some wisdom and recommendations to share, I’m positive she would love to hear it!

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Michaela is staying on home soil for her upcoming holiday and is heading south to Melbourne for two weeks on a food, fashion and lifestyle tour around the city and its surrounds. Her foodie hit list consists of (so far) rooftop cocktails at The Lui Bar, an American style feast at The Gem Bar and Dining Room, a chocolate fix at Cacao Lab in Melbourne’s CBD and a serving of Italian from Smokehouse Sorrento. She also plans on visiting Collingwood, Phillip Island and the Great Ocean Road she is in Victoria.

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BT contributor Aimee is going to Bali and Lombok for a stint in October to climb mountains and enjoy the Indonesian sun. What’s the plan, you might ask? It involves lugging her yoga mat to high altitudes to feel the zen in the fresh air, clear her mind and feel exhausted, yet rewarded. She’ll be climbing Mt Rinjani (3726 metres), Mt Angung (3031 metres), Mt Batur (1717 metres), Mt Batukaru (2275 metres) and more. If you’re planning a trip to Bali in the coming months, check out our post on the popular island here.

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Abby is also heading over to the northern hemisphere to sightsee around London before crossing over to Europe to continue the adventure. Abby and her partner are huge history buffs, so they’re excited to be visiting the Colosseum, Vatican City, Anne Frank’s House, Globe Theatre and more, as well as wine tasting in Munich, relaxing on the beaches of Cote d’Azur and experiencing the nightlife of Amsterdam.

London | Brisbane Threads

So, that’s what #TeamBT are up to at the moment (of course, when they aren’t exploring Brisbane and writing the fab content that you see here). We are one extremely lucky bunch to be able to explore our city, our country and international lands, so give us a hola if you have any tips for the ladies who are off on an adventure in the coming months. 

Here’s our top tips for planning a holiday:

– Money – As much as we hate to admit it, money makes the world go round and you have to have some spare through every stage of the process – from planning, booking flights and researching accommodation to buying essentials before you leave, eating out (a lot) while you are away, shopping (crucial) and sightseeing. It is always wise to have a little more than you need incase of any emergencies that return funds immediately. To save you worrying about money and conversion rates while you are away, perhaps consider a personal loan from Heritage Bank before you go. Check out the groovy calculator they’ve created below to get an estimation on how much you can borrow, the interest rate and how long you have to repay the loan. Trust us, you don’t want to be worried about money while you are eating Nutella crepes under the Eiffel Tower… no way!

– Luggage – If you’re one of those gals who could take 3 bags of ‘essentials’ for a weekend away, stop right now! You need to pack light when you hit the road baby, there ain’t nothing chic about lugging a giant suitcase up a flight of stairs. Stick to the basics and make sure everything works together so you can mix and match either piece with a couple of others. Always have denim, grey and white tees, a good jacket, a splash of leopard, a hat, scarves and comfortable shoes. The rest can wait until you get home.

– Do Your Research – There’s nothing worse than arriving in a destination and not knowing what there is to see, do and eat in the area. Do your research and the city and it’s surrounding towns, and look at what’s close to your hotel. That way, you can hit the group running and push through the jet lag once you have dropped your bags at the hotel.

– Be Spontaneous – If we can give you one piece of advice, it would be to be spontaneous when you are travelling. That doesn’t mean you don’t have plans, but rather that you can accept change and be flexible if a good opportunity comes up. Say you meet a group of friendly backpackers in the park – have dinner and drinks with them. You meet a brilliant local who wants to show you around their hometown – why the heck not! Playful banter with a charming young man – you go girl! Be spontaneous on your travels and the most unexpected experiences will find you.

So, did we teach you a thing or two about how we travel? 

Would you like to see more travel content on Brisbane Threads? Let us know and we’ll work on bringing you more from our adventures abroad, as well as the best of Brisbane. 

This post was written in collaboration with Heritage Bank

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