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Ellery in Paris by TCF Connect

“From fibre to fashion, sometimes the best moments in business come from connecting with someone that also has a great idea, or a new technique, or the most beautiful fabric you have ever seen. The right connections can make all the difference.” –TCF connect 

Last Monday TCF connect put on the “Ellery in Paris” Premier. The upbeat Monday vibes could easily have been mistaken for Friday night exuberance. With every warm welcome from the event organiser Carly came a style savvy get up with an equally spirited face. Each to their own, it was appeasing to see Brisbane be so playful with their dress code. Fashion and hell-bent on trends not so much. Comfortable with the brilliance of their own style many a yes. As Peter Beier from GOMA pointed out it was good to see a broad use of colour amongst guests.

Those of you who are unfamiliar with TCF connect; they are basically an industry-focused organisation that wishes to bring together all areas of the fashion industry. Generate and share knowledge amongst these areas harmoniously, and put on some killer events so everyone can be merry while drinking wine and swapping stories. For a more concise description and any other information of TCF connect check out their website here, or follow them on social media here.

The guest speaker for the evening was Christine StClair accompanied by good friend Peter Beier and Izabella Chabrowska from QAGOMA. Christine StClair is the Asia-pacific Comme Des Garcon buyer/representative. She owns the only stand alone Comme Des Garcon store in Melbourne and more to the point Australia. She also looks after the now permanent CDG pop-up store in GOMA, she’s taught at RMIT in Melbourne, and is generally a really cool gal. Peter and Christine spent the better part of the soiree enlightening the crowd on what it’s like to deal with large fashion houses in the fashion metropolis of Paris and the city’s famous fashion week. It was incredibly interesting to listen to the extensive effort and planning that goes into buying from high-end designers. The commitments boutique retailers have to make to the designers whether their collection is weak or strong, and mostly how retailers down under buy according to our season, which is of course, opposite from the northern hemisphere. It’s easy to assume that everyone with success in the industry has a reason to act ‘above you’ or pretentious. It was humbling to see this was NOT the case at the TCF connect event. Everyone was friendly and after I spent some time chatting with Christine and Peter, they seemed every bit as interested in me (a mere civilian) as I was in them. There’s definitely a shift in the right direction happening for the Australian creative community.

TCF Connect | Brisbane Threads

Ellery in Paris

Anyone who didn’t leave the theatre feeling inspired after watching the Ellery in Paris premiere is lying. Ellery has long been a celebrated Australian brand; it’s easy to be protective over such, but to see a complacent Aussie make it abroad when there are so many aspects that segregate us from the high fashion world of Europe is absolute mint. Kym Ellery has the whole Carrie Bradshaw thing going on. The cool girl versing the world, the fashion cheese versing the fashion chalks. However, it’s easy to see why the small town girl has forged a significant path of success for herself. She’s a true blue, down to the bone hard worker, and it’s that very fact that made my heart burst with joy for Kym Ellery.

Anyone in that field willing to put in the hard yards deserves the sweet taste of accomplishing goals. Kym Ellery stated during the film that her original business goal still stands; her love for clothes and women who love clothes is clear as day. She’s faced legal battles and probably a thousand untold struggles, but the girl has come out the other end with the same ear-to-ear smile. What else really matters? The cinematography was all in black and white (for dramatic effect I am sure) and the sound track was just so fashurn. The whole film was engaging, and interesting, and inspiring, and if you want to enter the true E.L.L.E.R.Y L.A.N.D I insist you put this one on your ‘to watch’ list.

TCF Connect | Brisbane Threads

All images supplied by TCF Connect, captured by Cecile Roche Creative

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