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Ink Regret Be Gone

Ink Regret. Yes. It’s an actual thing. What was once such a fantastic idea… a love that would last forever, a trip to Bali or a teenage crush, immortalised in ink on your body… only to wake up all those years later and ponder WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING??
Traditionally, tattoo removal services involve laser which is painful, expensive and requires many treatments. Well luckily, the world has changed and Brisbane business Perfectly Smooth is pioneering the way in relatively pain-free tattoo removal services.
The innovative technique is called Trans Epidermal Pigment Release (TEPR). TEPR creates small circles on the skin over the existing tattoo. A proprietary lactic-acid solution is then introduced to bring the pigment to the surface in the form of a scab. The pigment is removed when the scab falls off, revealing clear skin underneath.
The procedure works on all inks and colours and uses the body’s natural healing process to expel the pigment in a safe, non-laser procedure.
Perfectly Smooth is headed by registered nurse, Rebekah Woodbine, so you can rest assured you are in the best of hands.
Comprehensive consultations are complimentary and Rebekah would love to chat about how she can help you get past your INK regret!
Contact Perfectly Smooth on (07) 3161 8408 or online here.

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