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Spotlight On: Laura and Suzie from Surroundings

When we stumble across a local business who are moving and shaking it in their industry, we can’t help but share it with our readers and community, because we absolutely LOVE supporting our clever locals. Which leads me to….Surroundings!

Founded by Laura Pascoe and Suzie Wiley, Surroundings was established to fill a gap in the building process where design was unconnected to the people being designed for. Originally architects, Laura and Suzie discovered they could better serve their clients by providing a workshop to help them understand what they needed from the space and how their personal style influenced the design. Surroundings was born, and it has been a thriving business venture ever since.

The Surroundings approach to design is different to most, focusing on Human Centred Design and a deep and comprehensive understanding of the people being designed for. By harnessing the knowledge of the environment their clients inhabit and without the limitations of traditional briefs, Surroundings create meaningful experiences because at the end of the day, buildings are a platform for human life.

Today, the ladies have refined their work into a collection of tools, workshops and individual consultations that can be adapted to each project, so the cliet is always at the core.


Whether you’re a professional in the building, interior and desing industry or a budding home rennovator, Surroudings can give you an insight into the space you’ve been dreaming of. If you’re a Brisbane local, do yourself a favor and book yourself into one of the Home Masterclasses¬†at their Woolloongabba studio, or if you follow us from afar, web consultations are also available.

Spotlight On: Surroundings | Brisbane Threads

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