Summer Lovin’ Get the Glow On Any Budget

Everybody knows the look of summer is beautiful golden skin, but we all want this glow without the harmful, ageing sun exposure right?  And some of us, looking at my own lillywhite self here, just don’t want the upkeep of a fake tan.

So what does one do?  We add a beautiful bronzer into our makeup routine!  Now I know the new year has lots of other expenses and hey, I’m not here to tell you to spend a lot of money on these bad boys, I’m going to give you a bronzer for every budget.

Get out those brushes ladies and turn your winter whites into a glorious summer glow!


Issada Limited Edition Beach Babe

Cost: RRP $125

Why We Love it: Made in Italy, this bronzer focus’ on this seasons hottest makeup trend, rose gold. The Mineral baked bronzer will add a healthy glow to face, eyes, cheeks and body and using a wet brush can transform into a sultry bronze-rose lippy!  Now selling as a gift pack with a vegan friendly Kabuki brush and gorgeous clutch.

Where to buy : Issada have two dedicated Brisbane boutiques, Edward Street the city or Oxford Street Bulimba. Plus a load of stockists here.

chanel les beiges

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Power

Cost: RRP $80

Why We Love it: Designed to be a subtle, been-away-for-the-weekend, don’t-you-wish-you-were-as-relaxed-as-me glow, rather than a full on tan this bronzer is great for us pale skinned ladies looking for a nice summer shine.

Where to buy: Chanel Brisbane City boutique in Queens Plaza.

J Bronze Shimmer Instant Illuminiser

Cost: RRP $25

Why We Love It: Great for adding a quick glow for sultry summer night out, this honey-hued bronzer dances with light reflecting particles to create a gorgeous summer sheen. Splash it on with a short skirt and dance the night away on a beach… that’s the dream.

Where to buy: Any Priceline or Chemist Warehouse

mac bronzer

Maybelline Dream Terra Sun Bronzing Powder

Cost: RRP $15.95

Why We Love It: Maybellines bronzer offers a lightweight powder which manages to stick around for the long haul, enriched with avocado, apricot and vitamin E this easy blend powder is great looking and good for you.

Where to buy: Get to your local Priceline!

MAC Bronzing Powder

Cost: RRP $39

Why We Love It: Built for all skin types, MAC bronzing powder can be used to enhance your own skin as well as to build up that “naturally” tanned look.

Where to buy: MYER

Napoleon Mosaic Bronzing Powder

Cost: RRP $60

Why We Love It: This lovely mixed up mosaic bronzer is great for building your perfect look, balancing together complementary colours you can choose to glow as much or as little as you like!

Where to Buy: Napolean, Elizabeth Street Store, Brisbane City


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