Stay Warm in Style

ATTN: Brisbaners! It. Is. Cold.

Every year we are unprepared and downright shocked when the sun leaves our little slice of paradise and goes on holiday to the Northern Hemisphere, leaving us to freeze our little butts off. This year will be different! Say goodbye to your trakky-daks and hoodie (not forever, just leave them at home) because we’re here to help you stay toasty warm and fashionable too! Take that Melbourners…


They don’t have to be boring or uncomfortable anymore! Once you find the pair, you’ll never take them off. Mum jeans are all the rage this winter, and the good news: they are super comfy and flattering on a range of shapes and sizes! Check out these 9 pairs that can add a little flair to a simple outfit.

  1. Mink Pink  2. ASOS 3. Topshop 4. Topshop 5. Topshop 6. TOGA 7. ASOS 8. Noisy May 9. ASOS

For many people, keeping your torso warm is the most important. Style wise, it’s also the most fun and means that you can afford to show a little leg from time to time! Put a splash of colour into a dull day with a bright trench coat or a bomber jacket with a personal flair. If you’re crafty you can even sew your own patches or embroidery onto your jacket or jeans!

1. Cheap Monday 2.Insight 3. Atmos & Here 4. Atmos & Here 5. New Look 6. Maison Scotch 7. Maison Scotch

Dresses/ Skirts/ Accessories

If you’re going for a more sophisticated look, don’t stress! Knit dresses are in and oh-so cosy and warm. Pair your fun dress with a staple pair of boots and keep your head warm with a funky hat.


  1. Rebecca Minkoff 2. Cheap Monday 3. Spurr 4. ASOS 5. Estee Lauder 6. Ryder 7. Lack of Colour 8. Tigerlily 9. First & I 10. ASOS

Stay warm friends!

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