Stay classy, Brisbane.

Model Silver State

To celebrate Australia Day this week, I searched for something to add to my outfit to show my Aussie pride… and was not overly impressed by the ‘Aussie babe’ t-shirts going around… or by the thought of draping a flag around my neck like a superhero.. And so my search led me to Cally Designs.

When her sister-in-law left Brisbane to live in Canada for two years, Carolyn Timms searched for a “little piece of home” to present to her as a reminder of home during her time away. With no quality or unique items available, a business was born.

With an extensive background in tourism, and an avid traveller herself, Carolyn has created a range of stylish pendants so you too can “show your love” for your hometown.

The pieces are the perfect gift for a loved one moving away, a visitor who fell in love with your hometown or simply for you to have home close to your heart. In my opinion, they beat a souvenir fridge magnet or tea towel any day!

Each of the pieces are delicate in gold or silver, in the shape of our Queensland state or an embellished BNE.

The pieces are subtle and stylish, for an everyday piece or a gift to be treasured.


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