Spring into bliss

I’ve recently had a few health issues, so along with a huge prescription medicine list I am also looking at a more holistic approach to healing. I’m combining yoga and mediation (which can be a bit of challenge with two little children in the house), I am also really focusing on what I am eating. As a coffee-loving-foodie you can image how hard it was when I heard caffeine-alcohol-gluten-sugar-dairy-meat-FREE. Like what do I eat? Well vegetables. I eat vegetables and I drink kombucha, herbal tea and those oh-so-on-trend turmeric lattes (on a nut mylk, #obvs).

Before we get all stressed that #BTinsiderTIp will be only vegan feast… do not worry; we have plenty of contributors who will still be brunching, lunching, wining & dining their way through Nutella thick shakes, giant donuts, overfilled bowls of fries and overfilled burgers! Do not fret. But if you do have an intolerance or allergy to food; then perhaps you will love the vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free finds that will be popping up on our feed! Like my delicious brunch I had earlier this week at Miss Bliss in West End, turmeric coconut mylk latte included. Serious noms…and it had all the right letters on the menu GF, DF, VGO #WAHOO. Absolutely loved the new Spring Menu at Miss Bliss. Those mushrooms where out of this work amaze-balls! I might just let the pictures do the talking… prepare for some mouthwatering, Instagram worthy, add to your Pinterest board, snaps!!

#NomNomNom 100%

So, where are you brunching this weekend?

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