Spotlight On: AlcieMay Designs

There’s no denying that us Brisbane girls take our swimwear seriously. These few short weeks of winter certainly aren’t enough to dampen our spirits. Regardless of when our bodies finally make their reappearance after winter hibernation, you can be assured that we’ll be doing so in style in some AlcieMay gear.

While the rest of us have been curled up on the couch in multiple layers binge watching Game of Thrones, there’s one Brisbane girl who’s been tirelessly planning our summer style for us. Alice Litzow is the extremely talented designer behind the very unique AlcieMay Designs.

Brisbane Threads | Spotlight On: AlcieMay

Here at Brisbane Threads, we love to show our support for local designers producing exceptional pieces. AlcieMay swimwear is dedicated to keeping all production in house creating garments from start to finish in the Northern suburb of Ascot. Clients have the ability to choose both their preferred design, and fabric. The end result being a custom made piece produced exclusively for them.

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to sit down with the in-demand designer to talk about AlcieMay’s inspiration, vision and future direction.

Brisbane Threads | Spotlight On: AlcieMay

Brisbane Threads | Spotlight On: AlcieMay

Can you sum up AlcieMay’s vision in one sentence?

AlcieMay is dedicated to creative design, to technique and quality, to providing employment opportunities and to providing sustainable and ethical fashion.


For an independent fashion line in Brisbane, you’ve already shown so much growth. How important is it to you to keep producing products in Brisbane?

I’ve always lived in Brisbane and grew up in Ascot. At this stage, I will continue to live in Brisbane as this is where my work studio is set up. Also, the fashion scene here is growing with the emergence of talented local designers. It is becoming more enticing for designers to stay and develop their market for Brisbane.


What is AlcieMay’s point of difference?

AlcieMay offers a range of choices so the client can mix and match ‘designs with fabrics’ and ‘tops with bottoms’ to achieve individual swimwear styles. I am dedicated to keeping all production in-house, creating garments from start to finish here in Brisbane. All swimwear is custom made and focuses on fit and quality. Once a client has decided on a design and a fabric print, the swimwear is made exclusively for them.


Where do you seek your inspiration for your designs?

I am inspired by both the built and natural environment and take photographs of anything I think will make an interesting and unique print. My current prints have been inspired by graffiti walls, buildings in Tokyo, clouds and much more. I am inspired by trends, but like to come up with my own interpretation of those trends. I like to use unique prints, panelling and binding in both matching and contrasting fabrics to create something special for the client.


Describe to us what the “design process” would involve from start to finish?

I look at trends from which I draw inspiration. I then do sketches of designs and from that, I go through the sampling process to perfect the design and fit of my collection. I have my fabric sublimated locally and then I am ready for production.


You’ve got a couple of months to get ready for summer… are you planning anything special/different for AlcieMay?

I will have a new swimwear collection ready to be launched for summer.  I am working on a new range of prints and swimwear designs and am excited to be travelling to Los Angeles to do a campaign shoot.


Where would you like to see AlcieMay in 5 years?

I would like to see AlcieMay continue to grow over the next five years with new products being added to the range. I would like to develop a range of men’s swimwear and children’s swimwear as well as additional products for my active wears line including training swimsuits and rowing zooties.

If you desire nothing less than quality and individuality then look no further than AlcieMay.

Orders can be made online on their website or you can seek inspiration for your unique order by following their Instagram.

Brisbane Threads | Spotlight On: AlcieMay

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