Today I’m having a quick chat with Melbourne based multidisciplinary artist Kit Webster about all things art, style inspiration, travel and of course coffee!!

Kit has been collaborating with Westfield Chermside for their ‘Festival of Lights’, which is being celebrated this coming weekend from today Thursday 3rd August – Saturday 5th August. The ‘Festival of Lights’ is celebrating Westfield Chermside’s NEW dining, entertainment and lifestyle precinct.

Brisbane locals can enjoy Kit’s visually impressive work under the ‘Urchin’ from 6pm – 9pm every evening.  Over the duration of the ‘Festival of Lights’ the precinct will also have interactive projections, kid’s activities, live entertainment, fireworks and much more.

Kit, thanks for catching up with us here at Brisbane Threads and welcome to Brisbane… where is feels like summer every day!  We hope it’s a warm change from Melbourne.  It only takes one glimpse of your ever impressive works to see you’re a total game changer! What has been your favourite installation / project to date?

Thanks! It’s hard to pick a favorite because each of my projects pose entirely different challenges and rewards. Obviously I’m really excited about my collaboration with Westfield Chermside and to see how the public responds, but I guess up there would be my most recent installation Axiom. It’s a good installation for me because it’s designed in a way that can be built anywhere really easily based on a simple set of instructions. It means I can focus on developing the video and sound choreography rather than micro managing construction, logistics and that type of stuff.

Next stop is Prague at a light festival called Signal. It’s an honor to exhibit in a historic European city.

Growing up in Australia, these places seem so exotic. Having my work there makes me feel like I’m a part of the city. Im amped to keep developing it and showcasing it in more interesting places.

TGINF!! (N=nearly #amiright) What’s your drink of choice? Cocktail? Coffee or Tea or Wine?

Lol. What language is that? It looks like computer code! I have been absolutely smashing tea at the moment. I’m getting all pansy about it too. Also I’m having various selections for different times of the day and sourcing really high quality green tea and brewing it at the correct temperatures. FYI – if you want good green tea best way to get it from Chinese supermarket. They will sort you out good and proper.

Describe your daily style?

My fashion sense has been completely AWOL my entire life, I’m only just starting to pick up my game. Its mainly minimal… Blacks and navy blues. Kind of tech style but not too dark, kind of a derivative of health-goth but more like ‘health-tech’? Like engineer wear… I like normcore but not Jerry Seinfeld more like Mark Zuckerberg. Usually I work from home so rock out the Jimmy jams here and there. I wish wearing pyjamas was a trend. For dates, I usually just sport a nice jacket, nice shirt, nice pants, nice shoes and nice hair too. A simple formula really..

You’ve been making art and installations for over ten years. What inspires you on a daily basis?

I get a huge kick from showing other people my ideas and seeing their responses. But really it’s a self indulgent process. I like to experiment with software and hardware and see what eventuates. That’s what art is all about – making new discoveries and presenting them to the world.

,Sometimes I have ideas like… A video screen made out of fire pixels for instance, but the reality is it’s insanely expensive to build something like that, so part of the development process involves finding the right kind companies to work with. Whether it’s brand or government.  It’s good that brands – Westfield included! – are starting to fund these kinds of things. They can appreciate the marketing value in being associated with cool and eye popping ideas. But sometimes I will take a punt on an idea and self fund it and hope that it will turn out as expected. I definitely like taking risks. If you want me to do something there is an easy trick: Just tell me I can’t do it.

How do you wind down on the weekend?

Usually, I will be in my studio working, but I have recently found out about this incredible reciprocal process: ‘hanging out with other people’. It involves the use of various facial expressions, intonation in the voice, body language and hand gestures. Highly recommended! Oh and flying my drone. Its name is Derrin Hinch, he’s tough as nails. He is in my luggage on my way to Brisbane.

You’ve spent many years travelling the world, what are you favourite countries?

Anywhere that can dish up loads of beaches, palm trees, coconuts, jet skis and lobster tails. Hmm QLD? Can I fly my drone here?

Finally, we’re all massive coffee lovers here at BT… so where is you go-to coffee spot?

Well when I’m back at home in Melbourne, the best I’ve had is probably Aunt Peg’s. They are slaying it. They go all crazy artisan. I asked for sugar once and they looked at me like I was a massive bogan. So awkward… Definitely worth a taste. Just don’t ask for sugar!

Thanks so much for chatting and making me #LOL today, Kit. I can’t wait to check out your installation at Westfield Chermside! Now… I’m off to find source some good green tea and research how to brew it properly… I had no idea there was a correct temperature for tea brewing… here I was thinking you just boiled the kettle!

Festival of Lights is on at Westfield Chermside from Thursday 3rd August – Saturday 4th August.



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