Smash 2017 with Nutri-Hitt Raw Treats

2017 is just around the corner, and if you are like the rest of us and making a few too many ‘damn-i-need-to-look-better’ New Year’s resolutions, then we’ve got 2 words to help you out. Nutri. Hitt.

Nutri Hitt is a Brisbane based health food business dedicated to bringing their customers delicious raw, gluten, dairy and refined sugar free treats, which are nutrient rich and packed full of flavour. At Nutri Hitt, their aim is to make healthy treats easily accessible and available to all. They currently have a Raw Cake Shop located on Racecourse Rd in Hamilton providing whole raw cakes for special occasions and events and also provide treats to multiple cafes and health stores around Queensland.

We LOVE Nutri Hitt because the two founders (Candi and Tamara), have a vision to eliminate the pressure and restrictions that people feel from calorie counting and dieting. They aim to provide a healthy alternative to allow their customers to ‘treat themselves’ whilst still caring for their bodies. SO GOOD!!

There’s always something new to try from cakes, shakes to cocowhip toppings, we are so in love with Nutri Hitt for keeping us happy and healthy!

Find them at:

99 Racecourse rd, Hamilton

Or online here.

Or Facebook here.


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