At the movies: SHOT CALLER

I’m not normally someone who sees a movie without watching the trailer first. I like to know what I am getting myself into… and for the record I normally pick ROM-COMS “Oh hello It’s Complicated”. But today I was feeling a little spontaneous and thought to myself, live on the edge and see a movie you know nothing about.

Whilst I occasionally let hubby pick the crime, spy, war, prison movies; as mentioned, I myself like to watch lighter films. So rest assured I was very surprised to find myself watching SHOT CALLER; the R rated, violent,  crime-filled, gang, prison movie. I was even more surprised to find out I actually enjoyed it.

Basic synopsis without giving any major spoilers anyway… SHOT CALLER stars Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (aka Jaime Lannister from GOT) as the main man Jacob/Money. The film starts off in a high max security prison and it is here I realise I ain’t in Kanas anymore….  Shot Caller is as far from the Eat, Pray, Love and My Best Friend’s Wedding type movie vibes I normally watch! There is no Nora Ephron hanging around this post production studio. #DUH

Now back to the plot… through early flashbacks we begin to learn that Jacob / Money actually was a loving father and successful businessman before he went out drink driving with his wife and best friends and crashed the family car. I know Friday night at the movies just got more cheerful. But hear me out… what was great about SHOT CALLER without giving away the entire film; where the stakes were so freakin’ high. I was literally on the edge of my seat, blood pressure no doubt high, heart beat skipping beats wondering what was going to happen next.

I loved the way the film showed family love (albeit in a strange way); but this notion of ‘fatherly love’ kept me in the game until the end of the film. Also films that stick with you after you leave the cinema are always worth mentioning. I can’t stop thinking about the cycle of violence and prisons. I know, I know, heavy themes for a Friday #PassMeMyApero.

If you’re a fan of prison, gang, violence with a side bar of family ties this might be the film for you. It certainly had me holding my breathe watching until the very end.

SHOT CALLER is showing at Dendy Portside and Dendy Coorparoo from November 30, 2017.


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