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The Harbour Day Spa at Raby Bay oozes luxury the minute that you walk in. Situated on a harbour, even walking towards the place screams luxury. It is absolutely gorgeous.

So, I decided to walk you through it, so I can enjoy the memories.

A facial at the Harbour Day spa is certainly a relaxing experience. The first thing you are asked to do before receiving your elected treatment is sit in the “Tranquil Room” for 15 minutes, where you can relax and unwind from the rest of the day. Being the jumped up Gen Y that I am, I took photos. Can’t. Waste. Time. I also asked questions the entire treatment. Oooooops. Relaxation, what’s that? *nervous tic*


The Tranquil Room

From the tranquil room the therapist will come and collect you, to take you into the skin analysis room, which was my absolute favourite part. You are led into a room to have your face analysed via a Visia machine – a wonderful machine which assesses your skin based on other people your age. The machine allows the therapist to gain in depth knowledge about your skin, and be able to very specifically tailor your facial. The cool thing is that you can rebook for just the skin analysis, say if you try a new product and want to see how it effects your skin. What an excellent way to quantify what you are using, and see if it is working!

When reading your results, the average of your age group is 50%, anything higher than that number is above average, anything lower and you have work to do! Here is how I scored:

Pigmentation – 64%
Wrinkles – 99% (WOOOOOOOOOO)
Texture – 75%
Pores – 73%

Interesting to note, when the Visia machine  assesses your skin pigmentation it assesses the damage done when you were younger, say around the age of 8, as well as assessing the “brown spots” which are the areas just under the skin which will come to the surface as you age. Which brings me to my next point. This machine can sort of look into the future in the fact that it can assess to a degree what your skin will look like in 5 years time. Myself, the fine lines under my eyes were more pronounced, but more worrying was that my freckles were darker. Sad. It is definitely scary looking into the future like that!


Me right now, at age 21.


Me in 5 years time! So many freckles!

You are then led into a magical room for your treatment. Everything is so detailed and lovely, to the point of having rose petals in a bowl of water so you could soak your feet! My facial consisted of a double cleanse, exfoliation, peel (light to medium, apparently my skin can’t handle anything heavier), mask, foot and back massage, serum and moisturise, all tailored to pump as much moisture as possible into my skin because it was crazy dry. I was so impressed with the treatment, as well as the products used. I came out feeling so relaxed, even though the day was reaching the tail end of a very stressful uni day (although I didn’t stop talking the entire time, poor therapist!).

All in all I was extremely pleased with my treatment at the Harbour Day Spa. Following a facial treatment the client is given a wash and blow dry and a mineral makeup application (Issada makeup). As I was the last blogger to go through I didn’t get these treatments, but in a way I was really glad as I was just going to have to go home and wash it all off anyway! I spoke to another blogger after her treatment and her hair looked amazing, so I can vouch that they do a good job!


The Issada make-up range. Like me in my robe?

This experience was provided for review purposes from Harbour Day Spa. My opinion is 100% honest and in no way influenced, as per the disclosure policy.

Locations for the Harbour Day Spa:

Raby Bay – Cleveland

Corner of Shore Street and Masthead Drive
Raby Bay Cleveland
Queensland 4163 Australia
T 07 3821 2955

Broadbeach – Gold Coast

24-26 Queensland Avenue
Queensland 4218 Australia
T 07 5531 5121

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