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This is the best comment we ever received! We recently posted an article ‘Top 5 American Eateries in Brisbane Right Now‘ and one of our lovely readers Christine drew it to our attention that it was time for us to venture out or our inner city nest and get a taste of what the REST OF BRISBANE has to offer!!

Challenge accepted.

So here’s where you come in.

TELL US you’re favourite fashion boutiques, beauty salons, restaurants, hole-in-the-wall cafe and get us out of our box!! We want to visit and experience everything our awesome city has to offer… and need your help to uncover the best local spots. Comment on this article or send us an email to

PLUS if you want to take it to the next level … become a Brisbane Threads Ambassador and submit your own articles and photos of your favourite local haunts to – I can’t wait to see what i’ve been missing out on!


And THANK YOU for continuing to read our blog each day and support our love of Brisbane! We love your feedback and want to create the best experience for you on Brisbane Threads.


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