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RAW Brisbane Presents Sensory

It’s TALENT GALORE from the moment I walked into the RAW Brisbane SENSORY event. Inspiration hit me like a bus; not just any bus, but the kind of bus Ms. Frizzle would drive. I had genuinely just stepped into Brisbane’s real life Willy Wonka factory of wonders and creative talent.

I spent the greater part of the evening wandering around looking at all the stalls and showcases. I was so incredibly moved by all the happy faces that clearly love what they do. My hands were so full of business cards by the end of doing my rounds that I had no room left to hold another beer.

Here are a few of my favourites for the evening:


RAW Brisbane presents Sensory | Brisbane Threads


RAW Brisbane presents Sensory | Brisbane Threads


RAW Brisbane presents Sensory | Brisbane Threads

There was some serious musical talent and a small film by the amazing Clarence Kent, who was also a part of the dance troupe Golden Coast Line. Brisbane’s proving again how much it’s killing it in the fashion game with a wicked flow of amazing local designers sending their hardwork down the runway.

The event has grown profoundly since I last attended and it was awesome to see so many talents of all ages and all genres getting involved. The MET is a great location to host the event and turning every corner I found something new and exciting. This is definitely an event I will be putting in my calendar to attend EVERY time is rolls around.

If you are an emerging talent you should definitely consider becoming a RAW artist. It’s just such an awesome mixture of people bound for success and others just there to browse and soak up the good vibes.

RAW Brisbane presents Sensory | Brisbane Threads RAW Brisbane presents Sensory | Brisbane Threads(images supplied by RAW Brisbane or from artist Instagram pages).

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