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Beauty Tuesday: Race Day Makeup Tips

Fascinator: check. Heels: check. Smashing outfit: check (your bank account was certainly aware of that one). There’s just one more thing you need to prepare in advance to ensure your day at the races runs as smoothly as Tay Tay’s career path. The Makeup. Yes, it is something that’s worried many a woman in the past and will trouble generations to come. But don’t worry, here at Brisbane Threads we’re all about helping a sister out, so we’ve asked the pros to let us in on their race day makeup tips. Let me introduce you to Emma from MUSQ cosmetics and Makeup artist Eliza – two ladies who know everything there is to know about beauty.

BT: It’s race season already and girls are looking for the perfect look – what’s popular at the moment? 

Emma: It’s all about dewy skin and a healthy, bronzed look. Bold brows still remain strong with a gloss lip and soft pastel eyes (think apricot or mandarin). It’s all about a clean, even complexion where less is more.

Eliza: Elegance is key at the races. Keep it simple and flawless, so focus on a foundation that will even out your skin tone and cover any blemishes. A bold lip with minimal eye makeup will get you there.

BT: Have you got any tips for keeping makeup in place?

Emma: Firstly its all about skin prep – Make sure you keep up with your daily skin maintenance in the lead up to the races to assure skin is in prime condition to apply makeup.  Exfoliation is key here to remove any dead skin cells! Make sure you wash your face the morning of the event to wash away any impurities that could assist in make up sliding off. Wait around 5 minutes in between applying each layer of makeup and don’t rush the application process. Trust us this will help make up stay on your face for longer! And another tip, don’t touch the face!!! We all have the tendency to touch our face repeatedly throughout the day but leave the face alone to avoid any makeup coming off.

Eliza: PRIME PRIME PRIME! Using a primer is the only way your makeup is going to last the whole day. You’ll also notice you’ll need less foundation because primer smoothes out the skin and creates a barrier between you and your makeup. Make sure you set your foundation with either a translucent powder for a natural finish or powder foundation for more full coverage. If you’ve got oily skin, use a tissue to blot off any oil then powder over the top.

Beauty Tuesday: Raceday Makeup Tips | Brisbane Threads

BT: Lips or Eyes what should girls go for?

Emma: Keep the eyes soft – The races are a daytime event after all. Enhance your look with a strong lip

BT: How can ladies achieve an effortlessly chic look?

Eliza: Highlight the high points of the face to keep your look youthful, dewy and natural. Make your brows a feature – make them stand out! Use a lighter matte shadow if you need to get your brows done (it will hide those pesky strays). Highlight lips on the cupids bow to achieve the “Kylie Jenner” lip and also the cheek bones to look flawless in photos.

BT: What would be your go to product(s) if you were off to the races?

Emma: Exfoliant – to get rid of any dead skin cells that cause the dreaded flaky skin look and smooth skin for a better foundation application. Foundation – Keep this in your purse girls to touch up throughout the day! Lipstick – No better way to subtly enhance your total look and add confidence throughout the day.

Eliza: Always take a powder to set the face throughout the day. Lipstick or lip liner (Lady Danger by MAC for me) to perfect the pout. Travel size perfume to smell fresh AND BREATH MINTS.

BT: What are the worst makeup faux pas you’ve seen at the races and what should girls avoid doing? 

Emma: To much bronzer! Choose a bronzer no more than 2 shades darker than your skin tone and apply lightly to the forehead, cheeks, jawline, chin, nose and don’t forget the neck! Keep that colour even all over! Also remember to blend! Nobody wants to see your foundation along your jawline. Blend down your face and make sure that your foundation colour is the same as your face and body.

BT: Who is your spring racing makeup icon?

Emma: At the moment we are crushing on Karlie Kloss at MUSQ HQ. She’s always looking naturally flawless. She definitely fits our less is more approach.

Eliza: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley would be mine. She is a stunning model who is simple but beautiful.

Beauty Tuesday: Raceday Makeup Tips | Brisbane ThreadsWhat are your race day beauty tips, tricks and must-have products? 


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