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The last time I was in Italy was nearly ten years ago. While that actually seems like a lifetime ago; I feel that spending five weeks in the country makes me an expert. Ok not an ‘expert-expert’ but more like a I-have-actually-been-to-Italy-so-I-can-write-about-Italian-food expert #youfeelme? So this brings me to Prova Pizzeria. 

I loved everything about Italy. The people, the smells, the food; give me cured meat, olives and pizza errday! So you can imagine my excitement when I traded in my passport for my GoVia pass and crossed over the river to the North side of Brisbane (full disclosure I am a Southsider) to Stafford Heights to dine at the exceptional Prova Pizzeria.

We started our evening at Prova Pizzeria by sharing an incredible antipasto platter; it was out of this world! In case you don’t believe me just goggle your eyes over these photos…

Prova Pizzeria - Brisbane ThreadsProva Pizzeria - Brisbane ThreadsProva Pizzeria - Brisbane Threads

A selection of Italian cured meats, marinated vegetables, olives cheese and truffle honey. The prosciutto was hanging over the top of the antipasto platter like a flag it was jaw-dropping-eyeball-popping amazing! We sipped wine and sparkling water and shared the antipasto platter; the truffle honey was my three-year olds favourite and my nearly two-year-old daughter LOVED the olives. My personal favourite was then Burrata (a soft, creamy cows milk cheese) drizzled with a tiny bit of truffle honey. Along with the antipasto we also shared calamari fritti (Hubby’s pick) which was fresh, light and crispy and served with rocket and lemon.

Prova Pizzeria - Brisbane Threads

In true Italian style we were full after the starters;  but we braced ourselves for the main course at Prova Pizzeria…which was of course pizza!

We tried the pizza special of the night; which had a tomato base and Italian sausage and the kids had a bambini cheese pizza which was shaped with the cutest little ears. I really did feel like I was in Italy; not a suburban street of Brisbane. The pizza was fresh, crispy and folded over perfectly (no knives and fork pizza eaters here). We were so full from the starter that we took the leftovers home; which meant I could have a Nigella-inspired midnight snack!Prova Pizzeria - Brisbane Threads

Prova Pizzeria - Brisbane Threads

Despite being full I (being the dessert lover that I am) simply HAD to try the limoncello tiramisu OHHHH-MMMMM-GEEEEE it was next level deliciousness. Seriously I could not stop eating it!

Prova Pizzeria - Brisbane Threads

Owners Carlo and Joseph have really bought a slice of Italy to Brisbane and I couldn’t recommend Prova Pizzeria enough; it was delicious, authentic and family-friendly. I can’t wait to go back; maybe next time without the kids so I don’t need to share that truffle honey!

Website | Instagram | Facebook | 61 Wilgarning St, Stafford Heights, Brisbane | Ph: 07 3160 7164 | Trading Hours Tuesday – Sunday 5pm – 9pm AND Saturday & Sundays for lunch 12pm – 3pm.

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