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A collective of Queensland fashion and beauty heavyweights have recently launched Project SPF in a bid to encourage women to think about sun safety and the long-term effects of sun damage.

The Queensland Health initiative promotes with full force the campaigns tagline – ‘Stay Pretty Forever’ – and reaffirms the message that healthy is beautiful through government and ambassador support.

Brisbane Fashion Stylist Laura Stead-Churchill, who is one of the sun-savvy fashionistas on board the Project SPF campaign, said that her role was to act as a style ambassador and help spread the sun-safe message to reduce the risk of skin cancer in young women.

Laura said, “Project SPF is a fantastic initiative of the Queensland Government to remind everyone, young women in particular, about the importance of sun safety and looking after your skin.”

“Part of staying pretty forever is making sure your skin stays undamaged by the sun because nothing ages a woman’s appearance faster than sun damage. It also has a really important health message of course, one that we don’t always keep top of mind when we’re out having fun in the sunshine.”

Laura said, “Around 70 percent of young people aged 16-24 report getting sunburnt every year and those are scary numbers when you consider the damage sunburn can have on your health.”


Like the other style ambassadors involved in Project SPF, Laura is well aware of the effects that sun damage can have on her pale skin, both physically and aesthetically. However her vigilant action to prevent sunburn has paid off, as she continues to receive youthful comments about her skin as the years tick on by, a reason in itself to slip, slop, slap.

While protecting your skin in the sun is the best way to prevent skin cancer, it’s also a very fashionable move, with industry experts favouring a natural look, especially in fairer skin tones.

Laura said, “You only need to look at the Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Porenza Schouler runways at New York Fashion Week to see fresh faced girls with very minimal hair and makeup, including fair skin and no bronzer.”

On the campaigns official media release 2011 finalist of Australia’s Next Top Model and fellow Project SPF ambassador Liz Braithwaite, said she had also noticed a shift towards natural beauty and fair skin.

Liz said, “The industry is changing and on the runway there is a real focus on porcelain skin and tones and I constantly hear from fashion designers that a more natural look is what they are after.”

Good news for all us not-so-tanned Brisbane babes right – being sun safe is healthy and beautiful!

Laura and Liz aren’t the only driving forces behind the campaign; fashion designer Juli Grbac and Michelle Doherty, founder of Alpha-H skincare, join them alongside Sabo Skirt founders Thessy and Yiota Kouzoukas, fashion designer of The Style Creeper Nyla Jade and Bespecd Eyewear designer Tracey Cruickshank.

Laura said, “All of the Project SPF ambassadors are involved in the fashion and beauty industry and believe strongly in the message of sun-safe living,” and will do everything they can to spread the Project SPF message in their own networks.

The style ambassadors will also support the design competition that has been launched alongside Project SPF, where young creatives are encouraged to submit a piece of originally designed sun-safe fashion in the hopes of winning a coveted mentorship with Juli Grbac along with other prizes.

Laura said, “I’m so excited about the design competition. It’s really all about inspiring creative people to think about incorporating aspects of sun safety into their designs and demonstrate that fashion can be sun safe.”

Laura’s top tips to stay sun safe without compromising her uber fashionable style are a big sunhat, a soft scarf for DIY shade and great sunglasses are her go-to pieces, while sunscreen is never far away from the sun-safety crusader.

Here’s cheers to staying pretty forever!

Image from Project SPF Facebook Page
Image from Project SPF Facebook Page

Tell us in the comments section below, what are your favourite sun safe tips to create a fashionable look that protects your skin in our sunshine state?



For more information about Project SPF visit the team on Tumblr here and Facebook here

For more sun safety tips and advice visit the Queensland Governments sun safety page at


3 thoughts on “Project SPF – Stay Pretty Forever

  1. Protecting yourself from the sun really does make a difference. I grew up in Sweden and I never, ever used sunscreen because I thought that the sun there was not so strong. I was wrong!
    After I moved here, I started using a moisturizer with sunscreen in it and I seriously realised that my skin stopped aging as fast. It was so obvious!
    I also lost a friend to skin cancer when she was only 20. Yes, it can happen.
    Protect youselves, it is so easy! You don’t need greasy sunblock, just buy a day creme with SPF. I use Clarins and love it.

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